The Government Should Ban Single-Use Plastic

Many animals die because of the plastic we, humans are responsible for. Over 1 million animal deaths are reported each year. The government should ban single-use plastic because plastic creates pollution, increases the demand for plastic, and most importantly, harms the environment.

Firstly, a ban on plastic is needed to stop toxic air. Plastics pollute not only our clear blue skies but also the ocean. We are connected to the ocean, the ocean provides us the oxygen we breathe and the climate. 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered with the ocean’s water. We need a healthier ocean to survive. The OECD community stated, “More than three billion people rely on the ocean for their livelihoods, the vast majority in developing countries. Over 3 billion people worldwide rely on food from the ocean, as a significant source of animal protein.” If the ocean’s water is not clean, and the skies are polluted then humans and animals will not survive. 

Secondly, banning plastic will have a large positive economic impact, as the ban would decrease the demand for disposable plastic, and increase the demand for reusable plastic. By producing more sustainable alternatives, it can increase employment for the production of the alternative. Another negative economic impact is that many pieces of plastic are caught up on the streets, and even clog the drainage system, this could lead to causing severe flooding. Plastic bags are now amongst the top 12 items of debris most often found along coastlines. The result is that the government would spend more money and more time to solve this problem. 

Some people argue that the ban on plastic would be impossible since plastic is used very often in everyday life. They say plastic is efficient, durable, and lightweight. But, the lightweight material can be caught in trees, fences or it could even end up floating in the ocean. Studies show that in the middle of the ocean, there is 1.6 km of garbage- mostly plastic there. The reason for plastic to be efficient and durable is because there is a lot of toxic chemicals added to the material. Plastic is leaking that toxic chemical, harming not only our environment but also animals and even humans. 

Plastic is everywhere and it is killing the environment and ourselves. Plastic is being dumped into the ocean, and researchers found out that marine life has been mistaking plastic for food. ABC News reported that 35% of sea turtle deaths are caused by consuming plastic. Risking lives, our world just to use a material-efficient and durable is selfish of humans. If we make a move and ban plastic we can stop polluting the air, there would be a large positive economic impact, and most importantly, we can stop plastic severely harming the environment, the ocean, animals, humans, and our home-the Earth. Therefore, single-use plastic should be banned.

Circuits and Me #1

Course Reflection:

Describe your favorite circuit experience in the class to date and explain why it’s the best.

My favorite circuit experience in the class was when I completed the first circuit I ever made.

Describe a challenge that you’ve overcome already in this class:

The challenge was to fold my copper tape smoothly at each turn.  At first, I had to twist the tape in an unnatural way, as I practiced many times, I could finally fold the tape correctly.

Describe a difficulty you are currently having that you have not yet overcome. 

The tape connecting my coin battery is loose and is unstable.  I tried taping it again above the original tape, but it is still very fragile.  I think my next step is to use other materials to make it stay.

Explain one aspect of the class you really like and why you like it (This means Miss Kim shouldn’t change it).

I really like how Miss Kim posts a “schedule” to DX for things we will be doing in class as well as homework, this makes it easier for me to check and know what will be needed for the next class.

Explain one aspect of the class you really dislike, why you dislike it, and how Miss Kim could change it to make it better.

I think there should be more time to actually make the circuit, I spent most of my time planning and drafting so in the end I did not have time to think carefully for the last decorations on the electronic card.

Project Reflection:

Describe your project: the theme, the circuit, what the LEDs represent

The theme of my electronic card is the Mid-Autumn festival. This is my first formal circuit, so I decided to create a simple circuit with just 1 LED light and 1 coin battery.

Include a picture or two (or three but no more) of your project here:

Explain one aspect that you are happy with and why

I am happy with the simple circuit since this is my first time making one, and if I mess up then I can easily know what went wrong.

Explain one aspect you would do differently, how and why

I would want some more time to add more to the circuit or spend more time on the decorations for the card.

Happiness Article Summary

Happiness is about making the most of good times and managing the bad times too. It is said that success is the key to happiness, but research shows happiness could be the key to success. Happiness also brings great benefits for society, as research shows happy people have better overall health and are more likely to participate in public activities. In recent decades, one of the biggest social challenges is mental illness because society has become richer but not happier.  Happiness is what we want most for the people we love the most, it matters very much because it helps people live better lives and make society healthy and connected.

Bias Analysis and Context

– The two C.R.A.P analyses, one from each side. 1.  Bias Analysis and 2.Bias Analysis 1

– Identify the 3 main stakeholders and assign each a traffic light color

1. Green – American citizens

2. Orange – Author/publisher

3. Red – The president

– Explain the context that each article is written in.

1. The article’s main context was stating that Trump’s numbers in coronavirus are getting worse, and more people are starting to disapprove of his handling of the pandemic.

2.  This source’s main context was that the president’s supporters are not at all concerned about the pandemic, and believes that Trump is concerned and protecting his country and people with the information given by him.

– Highlight in what ways do the ideas of relativism and absolutism fit/not fit with the context of each of the articles?

1. I think that in this article, the ideas are mostly absolutism and little relativism because the author gives a lot of data supporting his opinion at the end of the article based on his data.

2.  I think that this source is mostly about relativism and little absolutism because the interviewed people were asked about their own opinions on Trump’s handling on coronavirus, some gave little facts on why they thought that way but gave mostly opinions.

Identifying Different Perspectives from News Issues

These 2 articles above, both strongly argue that the US has not been working effectively to overcome the coronavirus. The first article believes that the delay of the protection for people from the virus has caused severe damage, and if the US has stood up and helped their allies at their most challenging moments, the virus will not likely spread to the US. The second article states that President Trump said that as long as cases were not over 120,000 things would be better, and now the cases have soared with a new number that is beyond the number he stated. The author clearly mentioned that “The war goes on, but Trump has already lost it.”

In this article above, Trump states that he has done a great job, and rates a 10 for his handling of the coronavirus.  “Nobody’s ever done a better job than I’m doing as president,” Trump told Bob Woodward back in 2018. “We’ve done more in two-and-a-half-years than any president ever,” Trump boasted last year. And yet today, Trump still thinks he is doing a “fantastic” job handling the virus.

End of Year Reflection

When I began my  middle school journey, I was most excited about having new friends and being in the middle school space. When I started middle school I was always afraid of getting lost in the hallways, but as I began to get used to middle school, I realized that it wasn’t really a problem, as long as you bring your computer and everything, you can easily know where to go. One highlight of my year was at camp Greenwoods, because even though I didn’t stay the night with my old friends, I got to spend the night with a new friend I didn’t really talk to before. Before eLearning, I was a little bored of school. E-learning helped me grow by realizing how people around me mean to me. I am most proud of myself for getting all my work at my best effort. If I could do sixth grade over again, I would be more thankful of school and spending time with my classmates and teachers. I really hope we can start regular school, soon!


Science Ecosystem Project


  1. What is your biggest take away from 6th grade science?

This is my first year of having real science, and my biggest take away was learning about climate change, because it answered many of my ‘why’ and ‘how’ while learning it.

  1. If you were to write your own comment on the report card, what would you say?  How confident do you feel in making models in science, analyzing data, and constructing scientific explanations?

If I would score myself this year, I think I will be kind of in the middle of approaching and meeting the standard.

  1. What would you like to work on for next year in science?

Next year,  I think I would more likely want to work on the solar systems, stars…

Our Stories Make History-Final project

My Final Project

Ou Stories Make History- Reflection

In our unit “Our Stories Make History”, I learned to analyze sources and determine if it was reliable, and most importantly writing journals with sensory language and descriptive language… I created a selection of daily journals, a full timeline of my emotions, a performance that best describes my feelings, a collage, a 6-word memoir, and combined them all together to make a final project. I organized my final project in a chronological order, I added my collage and 6-word memoir first, because those basically summarized my feelings and what I experienced over time.


I think my experiences may be useful to a historian or any person who wants to know more about what or how people or students felt going through online learning and living through COVID-19.  I am most proud of my final project, because it was a big project with most of the projects I worked on in this unit.  I also spent a lot of time to make my final project look good and making my order in a way that makes sense to the reader.  I found my collage very hard at first since I wasn’t at home, and there were only old magazines and I couldn’t print pictures, after many tries, I got the idea of just flipping through magazines and cutting out things that were related to my emotions and experiences. I hope my final project can help historians or anybody who is interested to learn more about how living through COVID-19 is like for a student.


My Performance

This is my performance. I modified different music, and performed it using my violin.

The first part is the 5th Symphony composed by Beethoven, I chose this excerpt from the piece to be the beginning, because I wanted to represent the virus outbreak.

The second part is The Bee composed by Schubert, this excerpt from the piece represents the anxiety I felt about cases being reported faster and faster.

Then, comes a Chinese traditional piece, I played it because the piece itself tells a sad story, and this represents the deep sorrow I felt seeing so many people dying of the disease on the news.

Next, I played a piece that is also Chinese, the title means I love you China. I played the excerpt because I wanted to represent that there will be hope, and how heroic the Chinese doctors and nurses are. So many of them went to the front lines and bravely fought the disease.

Then, I played Heal the World by Michael Jackson; this song gives me the feeling of hope, and gratefulness. The first time I listened to Heal the World, the song made me reflect on what I am thankful for, and the importance of how China and the world needs to come together.   In the middle of the song, I also incorporated an excerpt of We Are the World by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie, which further highlights how there will be hope for the future if we unite together to fight the virus.