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Amusement Park

In our amusement park ride, we have three main parts. The first part is an elevator, where the lego people can be lifted to the next ride, which is a giant slide. In the second part of the ride, the participants will sit on a and slide down, this part is one of the more dangerous parts because if the lego people do not follow all the procedures, there will be a very high chance of them falling of the ride, and cause them to fall from the ride, and could lead to fatal injuries. This also leads them to the final ride. The final ride is the most exciting ride, in which participants can sit on a high-speed spinner, and experience the thrill of it. The spinner is made of an acceleration system with 4 gears, two big two small, and in both cases, the big gear is powering the smaller gear. This mechanical part is a very classical power-up, in which a big gear is on the same axis as the small gear.

Our actual build largely differed from my original plan, in which I originally planned on building an entrance/exit to the amusement park, however, since we did not make a whole amusement park, I changed all of the plans, and started a giant, 3 part amusement park ride.





Lego reflection- Master lego builders.

In my previous lego project, I made a car, which had a projectile shooting part at the really top. For the base, I used a simple design with two motors, and the brain just above it. For the upper part, I used parts to make a funnel to put in blocks, and beside it was another motor, so that when the block that is attached to it spins, it will knock away blocks coming down the funnel, and therefore shooting them outward. The challenging part of this was to get the exact distance for the sweeper because all of my blocks were either too long(gets stuck) or too short(sometimes unable to hit anything). Eventually, I had to attach two shorter pieces to make sure it always hits. One thing that I did well was that the base of the car was very stable, and to motors were enough to stabilize the car. One thing that I could have done better is to use a medium motor rather than an actual motor so that when it starts to sweep, it will be more effective at launching the 3×1 blocks. Overall, I think that this project was a success, and was fun to make.2010 Newbery Honor,

Smell detector

In this design project, we designed a smell detector that could detect the smell of objects. My smell detector is more effective at detecting what the smell is rather than where the smell is. When it detects something other than normal air(Yes, there is a standard ). Than it compares it to a database, and finds the type of smell it most likely is to be. Originally, I planned  the detector’s detecting part to go further away from the main body, so that it could detect where the smell is the strongest and where the smell is weakest.

Heavy Box Reflection

In our most recent unit in design, we designed the lightbox, which is a small wooden box, and inside it, is one of the locations that we have selected. The one biggest obstacle that I have had in my lightbox is trying to think of a place for my lightbox. My biggest success in my lightbox was being able to very easily learn how to use adobe illustrator, and very easily design it. Skills that I have learned include using adobe illustrator, being very precise, painting, etc. Something that I have learned about myself is that you can easily complete anything, it is just that you need to work on it. Something that I would like to improve about my lightbox is that I would like to re-design my great wall part to be either lower or bigger because my original great wall has part of it levitating. Overall, I think my lightbox was not a success because there were too many mistakes made.

Percy Jackson’s ADHD and how it affected his choices.

Percy Jackson’s ADHD and how it affected his choices.

Nearly everybody has read the book “Percy Jackson”. Even more, people have gone to school. From the book “Percy Jackson”, it can be easily concluded that Percy suffers from ADHD, and will do a lot better without it. But why?

Currently, Percy is in a very bad position: he is getting distracted from class. It does not sound very bad? Think again. If Percy gets distracted from class, his grades “slipped from D’s to F’s”, because he is not listening to the teachers. Usually, people do not enjoy something that they are not good at(or bad at), and will result in them thinking about things that he is good at, which gets him distracted. As we all can see, the previous results will get Percy’s study habit into a negative loop, making his score worse with each passing day. Additionally, with “compliments” from Gabe such as “Your report card came, brain boy!” The loop is becoming more and more effective.

Not only does Percy have a very bad habit of studying for tests, he often gets mad at his teachers for not doing his work( another common symptom for ADHD), and on one occasion, called his English teacher an “old sot”, without even knowing what it meant( yet another symptom of ADHD). 

The third time, things got interesting. When Percy went on a field trip, he “messed up” many times. At the start, he said things to Nancy Bobofit such as “Will you shut up?” And “That’s it!”. Later, when his math teacher, Ms.Dodds, saw him use his powers on poor little Nancy, and talk with her, Percy’s thoughts immediately thought of some of the rules he had broken, such as “the secret stash of candy that” he “was illegally selling in my dorm room”. Although this is not because of ADHD (As a similar thing happens all the time), this also shows how distracted he is from schoolwork and his attitude towards school. As the story progressed, Mr.Brunner told him that he expected Percy as good as everybody else, and Percy got mad at him for saying that.

Not only does what Percy did distract himself from class, but it also distracted his peers. During class time, whenever something happens (someone gets sent to the hallway, some glass shatters, etc.) everybody will immediately stop working, and start a discussion about what has just happened moments ago, and even when the teacher tries to get everybody’s attention, nobody really cares, even if it looks like they do(this happened a lot in my school, and happened almost every time in the book, stated by Percy when the book said that he “got sent out to the hallways nearly every class”). This is very bad because getting distracted in class means that the distracted students will also not work as well, which means that a negative loop is more likely to appear, or the positive loop will slow down. Also, during the “accidents” that happened on field trips will very negatively affect Percy and his peers, and involves paying money for what happened.

Let us stop looking at the negative side of Percy, and instead, take a look at how he could fix his problems. Starting with getting distracted in class, this case has multiple solutions, that are all very simple. Firstly, the teacher could pay more attention to Percy, and make him less likely to get distracted and turn the bad loop that I mentioned above into a good loop. Percy could also work harder as an individual because if he does not do well in school, it will be hard for him to find a job as an adult. Percy’s second problem, however, is harder to deal with. The first problem will need lots of time, but the second problem needs Percy to think and react immediately. Whenever Percy sees or hears something that he does not enjoy, he just blurts out what he thinks. There are several ways to solve that problem. The first solution is to constantly have someone around to calm him down when he gets upset. Although that solution will see an immediate result, it is very hard to continue for more than a few days, as everyone has their agenda for things. Another solution is to make Percy’s perfect environment, but as we all know, that will cost a fortune that Percy does not have. The third solution is one of the most effective, however, Percy might feel. Everybody that Percy knows has to try to make Percy as bad a possible and giving him severe penalties for doing the wrong work. This will make Percy afraid of the rules, and, will solve the first problem at well.

The fourth and ultimate solution is for Percy to make/convince himself to do his work. Like my parent always say, “You can do anything, it is just a matter of if you want to do it or not”. This solution will require Percy’s morality to be high, and I, from the first-hand experience, have found that it is not always the easiest thing to have.

In conclusion, although ADHD is one of the reasons that Percy does not do well, there are many other reasons that Percy does not do well in school. If Percy would stop using ADHD as a cover for him to not work in school, Percy might do well and achieve a higher score than D’s and F’s. Fixing his problems will not only improve himself but also improve his community.

Graphic Novel

This is the graphic novel that I created! Its called ‹‹book logic ››

Science Ecosystem Freshwater Final Project

3 Questions, and answers.
1. What was your biggest take away from six grade?
My biggest take away from six grade is that I didn’t get to fully use the time, and wasted lots of time .
2.Iif you were to write your own comment on the report card, what would you say? How confident do you feel in making models in science, analyzing data, and constructing scientific explanations?
I would say that I could work harder and more efficient on topics, and getting better at labeling and making models. I feel confident on analyzing data, and constructing explanations.
3.What would you like to work on for next year in science?
I would like to work more on making models


Book club

Reflection :

This book club was a bit challenging for me because I have never done character traking before.



Our stories make history : Ultra final project (By Spencer)

Reflection:Our stories make history final project

          The “Our stories make history” unit was very interesting, and of course, unique. The unit required us to make a project of our selection, keep a journal and lots more, it was certainly more interesting than other units and projects.
           The way that I ordered my project on my PPT was by order of time(except for video at the end) and I have included some of the most commonly seen news at the bottom of the screen. The reason that I have included my project this way was because when I look at it later, I will understand what each time was like for me at each time of the pandemic.
            This project could potentially teach future students by letting them know past experiences, and maybe help them with the boring feeling that they are feeling. What I think went the best in this unit is that I was able to successfully make part of a game (I can’t upload it because it is several GB big), and I was able to go through lots of books during this period. However, submitting work, finding work, and printing out work has been quite a pain.
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