I am from a family,  

with laughter and happiness,

like a party,

with everyone laughing together. 


I am from dreams, dreams to meet my idol, 

dreams that I can have his autograph, 

dreams that I can take a picture with him, 

and keep it forever. 


I am from amusement parks, 

With roller coasters going side to side, 

With roller coasters in water, 

That ends with a big SPLASH! 


In summer, I am from water parks, 

 with water slides going round and round, 

and 90 degrees straight down. 


I am from memories, 

from when I was young , 

when I got my finger stuck in the door, 

and I screamed like a dying pig. 


I am from birthdays, 

blowing candles, 

with smoke in your face,

like a chimney in front. 

receiving gifts, 

and friends and family surrounding you,

at that very special moment.