I once got my shoelace stuck in the excavator, so maybe my name should be "clumsy untied shoelace girl"

How did Eating Help the Homo Habilis-Diet

Back then, what people ate was mostly raw, they didn’t have a good fire to cook their food so they ate raw meat and uncooked vegetables. But now, we eat most things cooked, like full cooked meat and cooked vegetables. If I can redo this project and go back to when we just started it I would work. Before I didn’t work very fast because I thought there was still a lot of time left, but actually there wasn’t a lot of time. I struggled when there wasn’t a lot of time left at the end, I had to go home and work because I didn’t do a lot of work at school. I will change



  1. Your thinglink has lots of information on it

  2. Your thinglink has lots of useful informations and images! Especially the infographic.

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