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Final Reading Project- HOLES

What book did you read and how did you like it? (Remember titles of books are underlined)

The book I read for this project was  Holes by Louis Sachar.

Explain how your project shows your thinking

For this project, I focused on character change on the main character Stanley. This project can show my thinking because I need to write about how Stanley changed over time. To do that, I need to finish reading the book and focused on the details when talking about Stanley. 

How did this project level-up your thinking or stretch you as a reader?

This project stretched me as a reader because it also tests me on how I read the book and if I read the book closely. Also, I also need to use some reading skills like go back and re-read when I need to find more evidence.

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  1. I found the way of you presenting this project interesting because of the slide. It was an interesting way of presenting your work. I think one think you did well was the length of your words. This was helpful for me as a reader because it might inspire me to focus on the details of a book. One thing you could have done better was explaining your project in more detail.

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