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Habit Final Mini Project

  1. What is your biggest take away from 6th-grade science? Since 6th grade was the first year that we actually study science in school, it was pretty hard for me to understand things in the start of the year. My biggest take away was that I got to learn new things that I  have never learned in school.
  2. If you were to write your own comment on the report card, what would you say?  How confident do you feel in making models in science, analyzing data, and constructing scientific explanations? I think I still need to improve on making models in science. I am ok with analyzing data and constructing scientific explanations, but I just need to be more specific and add more details.
  3. What would you like to work on for next year in science? I would like to work on improving my skills on drawing models and explaining what I did in the model.

COVID-19 Final Project

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1. A one or two-sentence summary of the unit, “Our Stories Make History,” and the project you created.

The unit “Our Stories Make History,” is basically about our life and our stories during the COVID-!9 season. We recorded down the things that happened in our life. The project I created was just a tutorial on how to make jelly. Because jelly is really easy to make and really fun to make.

2. Explain how you organized your project and why.

I first videoed myself making the jelly, then I used iMovie to put all the videos together and added words to it.

3. How might this primary source be useful to a historian, or even future 6th graders, in the future?

I think historians or future 6th graders can learn what we work we did in 6th grade 2020, and what we did to not get bored.

4. What might they learn about/from your experience?

I think they can learn what 6th-grade students in 2020 liked to eat, and how to make it.

5. What do you think went well for you in this unit? (What are you most proud of?)

I was able to complete most of my work without asking questions and most things were done well.

6. What did you find challenging within this unit?
Some of the assignments were really confusing like I didn’t really understand what to do, but I understand most of the tasks

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