before and after

my finished product


For this project, we were supposed to imagine we were stranded on an island with no water., there was only dirty water. So we needed to change dirty water into clean water. But all we can use are things that can be found on an island.

The materials I used were:

-plastic cup

-paper towel

-rubber band


I think engineering is important because you can use it anytime, you don’t know when you would need to use it. You can use it when you need to or even you can just build things when you are bored.


My challenge was to try my best to make the best product to make dirty water turn clean. Also, we only had 3 days to do this project. The first day was planning, the second day was to make the prototype and the last day was to make the real thing.


I chose that design because Mr.Gaby told me to think of the people who make coffee. He said that they would but something like paper above the cup and but the grains on top of the paper. Then coffe would come out and the grains would stay. I thought that was a very good idea so I tried it, and it worked.