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Light-box Design Reflection

For this Product Design unit, we made Lightbox about a place special to us that we can’t visit because of covid. I chose the park that we always go to with our dog because of covid and also because I injured my knee.  We used mostly Adobe Illustrator to make the shapes and used acrylic paint to color. It’s extra challenging when you don’t know how to use the app, and it’s online learning.

Skills I learned include how to join/separate shapes using Adobe, paint on wood using acrylic, and how to make a scratch card only using paint and dish soap(no picture). A big obstacle was when I tried to figure out how all the shapes and things look. It’s really frustrating when you try to move a shape a bit and it changes everything, and a big success was putting it together.

Something I will change next time is, first, make the colors lighter when I paint, so the sky and grass will look better. Next, make my faceplate thicker, so it will show up more. If I can, I’ll mix colors for the dog. I also learned from my mistakes, and advice for the future student doing this project, you have to be super accurate when you measure and stick when using wood. If one measurement went wrong, everything doesn’t work. Overall, I think my lightbox looks well, and it’s successful in many ways, the measurements, the layers, and the difference between my idea and the real thing are mostly similar.😁

Governments should ban single-use plastic

Can you imagine a world of grey sky and a dirty landscape? That could be the future for our children and grandchildren. To stop this, we should ban single-use plastic. Plastic is almost everything in our life, water bottles, chairs, toys, etc. people might say it’s the best invention ever! But plastic may lead us to the end of our world. Banning plastic can help animal species, stop pollution, and keep our earth alive.


Governments should ban single-use plastic because it can save many animal species. There are tons of marine animals such as turtles, seals, and sea birds, mistakenly consuming plastic or being tangled up in ghost nets that cannot get out. There are more than 1 million animals that die every year because of plastic, and plastic caused 318 animal extinction. If we don’t stop this, maybe one day your favorite animal will die out!


Secondly, banning plastic can help us stop pollution. Ella MacArthur had reported that the ocean will contain 937 million tons of plastic and only 895 million fish by 2050! When you dive with your friends in 2050, there will be more plastic than fish beside you. Everyone should know that when we burn plastic, it will release toxic, furans, and all other poisonous gases that can kill humans and animals. and we don’t want to wear masks all day to not get killed.


We should get rid of single-use plastic. People might say that banning plastic will damage the economy. But is the economy more important than our lives? The world is already filled with 156 million tons of plastic, and its 25 huge pyramids in Gisa, also, you should know that every year, per person will eat 70,000 microplastic averagely. Microplastic can cause cancer and illnesses in humans. If we don’t ban plastic, there will soon be an end to us humans.


In conclusion, governments should ban single-use plastic because it will save the animals, stop pollution, and rescue our world. There are already 40 nations starting to ban plastic bags. If every place starts to ban plastic, soon, there will be fresh air and a clean environment filled on earth.

Percy Jackson- Blog Post

“Confidence is a lot in your life of games. If you don’t think you can, you won’t.”– Jerry West. This helps Percy Jackson a lot, who has a hard time in his life believing in himself. He will have a better life if he feels more confident in himself, focuses on his work, and makes more friends.

First, Percy should be more confident and look at ADHD in a positive way. In the book, it says, “The school counselor told me this was part of the ADHD, my brain misinterpreting things.” Another evidence is, “Also, you’re impulsive, can’t sit still in the classroom. Always wondered, off-task in the classes.” This shows Percy is really negative about other people saying he has a problem with ADHD. On the other hand, the article says it is a benefit. An example is, “Today, some experts are thinking about ways that ADHD might even benefit children and teens. People with it have a different style of paying attention, called diffused attention. A person with diffused attention can pay attention to many things at the same time. In some jobs, it can be very helpful.” The author wrote that ADHD is not a bad thing. Furthermore, Percy should look at ADHD in a positive way, and have the confidence to face his differences.

Second, Percy should be more focused when he is studying. In the book, it says, Percy starts to think of other things when he is having class, he is easy to be distracted. He tries to focus, but he can’t. This shows Percy has problems focusing when he studies and learns in class. In the article, the author wrote, “Schedule your study sessions during your peak energy periods. Also, you can grab a beverage or a snack before studying, move around when you need to. Most importantly, don’t chat with your friends, and find a quiet space to study.” The author gives good tips on how to be focused on when people are studying. This is all good advice for Percy. It will lead him a better life in the camp, and school.

Lastly, Percy should make more friends in school and outside of school. Making friends helps people to be more mentally and physically healthy and more positive. In the book, it says, “Grover was an easy target. He was scrawny. He cried when he got frustrated.” This shows Percy doesn’t have a lot of friends, because if he is nice to everyone, it is easy to make friends, he doesn’t need to “target” someone. Percy isn’t someone who thinks friendships are that important. However, in the article, it says, “Scientists studied, people who always experience loneliness have worse health than the others. Friends also help people encourage the impact of their healthy behaviors on their well-being…” These reasons show Percy that having friends gives him a lot of benefits. Percy should have more friends besides Grover. It will help him to be more confident at school or anywhere. Friends can help him when he needs help and can push him to be his best.

Percy will face a lot of challenges being a demigod. He should be confident in himself, focus on his work, and make more friends.  Just like what Jerry West said, if you don’t think you can do it, you can’t. These advice works for everyone, and it will help us have healthier and happier lives.



Happiness Summary

Being happy is important, every people need it. Happiness is what we see all day, but real happiness isn’t pretended. Besides being happy also leads us to many benefits and success. In a study, they let two groups of people looked at two different film clips, one was happy and positive, the other one was neutral. the people that watched the positive film worked better than the people who watched the neutral film.  However, money is not how we make happiness.  When they studied the adults in UK, 90% of the adults prefered to be happy and well being, the other 10% chose to be wealthy. In summary, happiness should be in everyone’s feelings, it matters so much.

SCI- Habitat mini project

This year in science, I learned how to write CER and how to draw a model. Next year in science, I would want to learn more about animals.

HUM- “Our Stories Make History” Final Projects

This is a book trailer of the book I read: The One and Only Ivan.

Our story makes History- Final project and Reflection

Our story makes history- Reflection

During this unit—Our story makes history, I created primary sources about my experience and feelings during COVID- 19. I learned how to find reliable sources and writing journals for my final Our story makes history project. I organized my project using Thinglink, there are mixing of pictures and writings. Some of the feelings are positive, and some of the feelings are negative.

We created this project is to help the people in the future understand more about COVID- 19, also to record the things that we have done during COVID- 19, so many years later, you can look through experience to remember the history outbreak Coronavirus. People can learn about school closure, government decisions, Olympic game delay, success and challenges of e- learning and more things in my project. They should also look at other projects to have more information about living through COVID- 19.

This unit, I learned how to be a better journalist, I have never written journals many days continually. Another thing I learned was when you use a source, see if it’s reliable, because it might be fake news. This will help if you search every day to find news, so you won’t get the wrong information! I feel challenging when we first started this unit, I was confused about what should I do, but after all, I know the instructions.  I experienced and learned a lot of things during COVID-19, Our story makes history unit.

My Story makes history final project: Thinglink



Newsela article-

Pictures PPT:

Humanities: “Our Stories Make History” – Make or Perform project

“Our Stories Make History” – Make or Perform project ppt link: HUM project

Early Human & Us Thinglink project – Diet

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