I used Thinglink to create my project.

In this unit, Our Stories make History, we created primary sources like journal entries and visual representations of our experiences to express our feelings and what we are going through during this pandemic. I learned how to determine reliable sources using many methods, which doesn’t only help me find articles for my project but could also help me later on in life. My project is organized chronologically but I don’t have an exact structure. Sometimes, I just write down whatever that comes to mind, like what I was feeling at that time or recent events. This is important since it might help people who are going through the same thing relate and feel better, or even become part of a history class in the future. There were many challenges during this unit, but none of them were huge. I would say tech issues were the most frustrating, since I couldn’t get my audio in Thinglink to work until very recently, and I felt like I wasn’t going to get it to work in time. A positive side to all this is that I have discovered many new things, like what my deeper personal feelings are about this pandemic and many more academic things about the world now, so I’m proud of that. Overall, this has been a fun but exhausting unit, with ups and downs, and it has really helped me open my eyes to everything that’s going on.

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