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go outside :tag, OLE playground. if we have time

make food: milk  tea, e.t.c

make crafts


make ID card cases, sell them to our school students. made survey for suggestions: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=mg0rwMPcY0mWYd9SbtulfoMx3rps6dROtiSukyk2-P5UMU8xNVJHSzlVVUw3Uks2M1dQUzE1NkFYRS4u.  we will give the money to charity or people that need help


We bought all the things, but we may not have time to make. so we will need to communicate better and not forget to bring stuff.



How Does ADHD Impact Percy’s Choices?

In chapters 1-3 of Percy Jackson and the lighting thief, Percy’s attitude towards school and emotions, are impacting his choices, but there are ways he could improve it. More than 6 million people under the age of 17 have been diagnosed with ADHD. ADHD stands for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, ADHD is one of reasons that Percy’s choices sometimes are not the best, he has trouble paying attention in class and fidgets. There are ways to improve his attitude, by being in a stimulating environment and being outdoors, moving their bodies.


ADHD impacts Percy’s choices, his attitude towards school and emotions. The symptoms include, like it states in Neurodiversity: a different view of ADHD “making careless mistakes in school and not listening most of the time. Getting easily distracted and avoiding activities that require focus. These symptoms also include fidgeting, difficulty playing quietly and blurting out answers in class” Percy’s grades slipped lower according to the book Percy Jackson, “My grades slipped from Ds to Fs, I got into more fights with Nancy Bobofit and her friends, I was sent out into the hallway in almost every class. P17” This shows Percy was not paying attention in class and getting distracted, and having trouble controlling his emotions, which due to his ADHD he could not focus on the classes. Whereas, In page 2 of the book there is a scenario where Percy goes on a field trip, he says “bad things happen to me on field trips, like at my fifth grade school, when we went to the Saratoga battlefield, I had an accident with a revolutionary war cannon, and I was not aiming for the school bus.” This means he was fidgeting and couldn’t stay still, he was hyperactive, which is one of the symptoms of ADHD. He says thing he doesn’t really mean and blurts out answers in class like it states in the article, Neurodiversity: a different view of ADHD. It is one of the symptoms of ADHD. On a field trip Percy says to Nancy “will you shut up?” it came out louder than I expected” he blurts out things that are loud and sometimes rude, also in the book, Percy also said “because you don’t want me around?” I regretted the words as soon as they came out” he is impulsive and doesn’t think about the consequences. His attitude towards school are impacted by his ADHD and emotions.


Percy could improve his attitude towards school and his emotions by being in a stimulating environment, like the advice from the Neurodiversity: a different view of ADHD “People with ADHD do their best in stimulating environments, they like to be outdoors and move their bodies.” It says in the article “that maybe the problem isn’t with the brain, it’s how we view it” Percy usually gets shot down by his teachers, on page17 “Mr. Nicoll asked me for the millionth time why I was too lazy to study for the spelling tests.” His teachers don’t encourage him to do better, instead they tell him he is bad at it and too lazy to try. In Neurodiversity: a different view of ADHD it states “People with ADHD respond well to change and being asked for new ideas” Percy’s teachers could ask him for ideas to interest him and include him in their classes. When Percy’s teacher asked him why he was too lazy to study for the spelling tests, Percy snapped at him “I snapped at him and called him an old sot” he couldn’t control his temper and thought it wasn’t fair. However, Percy also thinks about it occasionally, “I tried to say cool, my counselor told a million times to count to ten and breath” he thought about how he could keep calm, which shows he tried, but not successfully. “Spend time outside, being in the fresh air and around nature is very helpful for calming the emotions” “Be positive also helps and not see all the negative things,” these are all ways that could help him improve his behavior and help his ADHD.


ADHD, impacts Percy’s emotions, attitude towards school and mostly his choices. According to the article neurodiversity: a different view of ADHD, “ADHD should not be treated, but respected and understood” there are many ways to help Percy improve his behavior and attitude towards school.


Habitat Mini Project

My biggest take away from six grade science Is that during this period of e-learning I enjoyed science and I loved the topic of habitats and I learned a lot of new and interesting things, such as the threats that some habitats have and facts about animals I didn’t know were endangered. I would like to work on constructing explanations and modeling further on in science, because that is not my strong point and i would like to improve on that.


Our stories make History

I really enjoyed this unit because it was fun to write my experiences.  I liked keeping a journal, and maybe some years later I could come back and read it. I followed a schedule and I decided to make a scrapbook. I cut up the original pieces of paper and my journals and stuck them in a big book . I think it will be useful in the future because people will know how we felt during this time period, and they will learn about the people and what was happening. I think that generally the whole unit went well but I particularly think that my performance piece was the best. I found summarizing the article a little challenging because I had trouble finding the right articles. Even so I enjoyed this unit all the same.

performance piece

this is my performance piece

Dear Abby

Dear Abby

I am facing danger, I’m going to the games and I’m worried about prim, Gale and my mother, I really want to win but that means Peeta dies. The gamemakers have made it hard to decide and I don’t know what’s going to happen to me, Peeta gave me bread so I won’t starve, but killing his Isn’t repaying him right? what should I do?


district 12


early humans and us reflection

I think most of my thinglink went pretty well. I wasn’t here for the two days before the last so I missed a lot of the lessons and I had a lot of questions so I think that didn’t go very well and was difficult. If i could go back and change things, i would probably change my modern primary source. i would change it because there wasn’t much to say about it. I would change it into a stove.

early humans and us

This is my thinglink. In humanities we did a research project,  my research question is ” how did the discovery of fire effect our diet?”

Cardboard arcade reflection

4652_001in design our main focus was designing and building our cardboard arcade .our game is a board with multiple holes on it, there is a UFO, the UFO is attached to a string. the string is hooked onto two things on the top right and left corners of the game. if you pull the rightsizes string then the UFO moves up and right. if you pull the left sides string the UFO goes up and left. you have to reach the top of the game to win . but is you let the marble in the UFO fall in any of the holes then you lose.




Skills that I learned and developed are, I improved in my knife skills, I I can cut circles better and the edges are not frayed. I also learned how to make moving parts using cardboard and other material.

my biggest success was the look of the game. it looked like a real arcade game. with a control panel.

One thing i’d like to change is I wouldn’t do the turner on the control panel since it didn’t work that well. it didn’t turn properly.


cup insulater

this is our cup insulator number one

we didn’t put anything on the bottom so the heat went into the table.

this is our cup insulator number two

we added a bottom that is made out of foam so the heat won’t go into the table. but the first one went better.

we think it worked good


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