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Plastic + Humanity= badness

Millions and millions of and animal are dying due to plastic. If people decide they what to eat animals that ingested plastic, they with be poisoned. People should ban signal use plastic because it kills humans, Aquatic life, plates crops and the Ocean.

People die every day due to plastic in their food. Plastic can be found in lots of food like fish, turtle, shark, and bird. The organism eats the small plastics are then consumed by us and posing us in the proses.
The estimate of Aquatic death by plastic each year is over 100 millions deaths. Do you really what to happen for the rest of the entirety?

30% of the ocean is polluted because of people being careless and look away from its Ocean. 40% of that is polluted with plastic, filled to the brim with plastic. People every day pollute up to over 40 thousand Ton are dropped into the Ocean every year. 40% of the pollutes is caused by plastic. The other 60% is polluted due to regular life.

In Bangladesh people every day walk amongst the plastic. Plastic also effects plant growth. It gives plants the inability to grow make the seed worthless. Scientists state that plastic poisons the growth of other plants like tomatoes, mango, apple etc.

If people continue to throw, dump and discard plastic. Aquatic animal will keep die to food posing or worse! They eat the plastic without consuming an animal. So, help now at… You know what forget it!
Save the animal! Yah!

Percy Needs Help

Percy didn’t trust his class because they would say bad things to him. He shows the world he is a hero but inside he is just as self-conscious of his life as anyone else. Percy would benefit from building trust, co-operate with his emotions, and feeling better about ADHD.

Percy would benefit from building trust with his classmates.
One example of him needing to have trust in his classmates “I wish’s decked Nancy Bobo fit right then and there.” This quote shows that he doesn’t have good trust in his classmate.
Another example from the is, “How to Build Trust and “Relationships that he needs trust. “A team without trust isn’t really a team. It’s just a group of individuals working together often making disappointing progress.”
this Quote would help Percy understand the physics of friendship.

If Percy would take this advice this would widen his prospective and co-operate with his emotions. “Am I a troubled kid? Yeah. You could say that. “another example is, “I was homesick. I wanted to be with my mom in our little apartment on the Uppe1r East Side, even if I had to go to public school and put up with my obnoxious stepfather and his stupid poker Parties.” This could be caused by angry emotions arise from parents fighting or hormonal energy” this will help by him controlling his emotions.

Percy will feel better about ADHD if he knows that he still can be successful.
On example in the “The school counselor told me this was part of the ADHD, my brain misinterpreting things.” This proves that he does like the fact that has ADHD.
An example from the article that could help him feel better about having ADHD is “Research states that people with ADHD are more successful then people without ADHD.” This proves that he still can be successful with ADHD.

Percy had problems with his self-consciousness, but he never stopped trying to be himself. Percy would benefit from having better relationships, controlled anger, and control his hat towards ADHD. This advice can help people with similar problems.

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“How to Build Trust and “Relationships that he needs trust.

Why do we lose control of our emotions?

a different view of ADHD

my Article paragraph

1.Happiness is a feeling that everybody need in their live, no matter how much people think they don’t. Happiness is an emotion that lets you embrace something exciting

2.the goat in the picture doesn’t seem the smart. but it not what it seem to be. Goats understand what there friend sound like. They Communicate through eye contact. They learned how to problem solve. People started to study the behavior of goats.
The studies show that goats had a happy sad face.

Science Questions

click me! Im a link now!
What is your biggest take away from 6th grade science?
everything in Science was great so if I had to choose I would be the Ice Penguin challenge because are penguin melted faster than anyone else’s penguin.

If you were to write your own comment on the report card, what would you say? How confident do you feel in making models in science, analyzing data, and constructing scientific explanations?
I would say I could have improved put full(really big) effort in my work. I feel great but I feel like I could do better.

What would you like to work on for next year in science?
Making models of planets because I like thing like talking about the solar system and planets.

MY Favorite thing is reading Books as a Kid

When I was a 3-7 years old I would read Pete the Cat book if I got bored

Who did Tools and weapons evolve over man Kid For ‘Hominid- 20 certury

Water filter product

 second Product Movie on 9-9-19 at 2.46 PM

First Product

Final  Product making a good filter was hard to turn the dirty water into clean water

from trial 1-3 it got cleaner then the others                                t

engineering a filter is hard to make with limited time and resources.

the stuff that we had was a cut bottles, cut cans and fabric,

lost of rocks, a net for the rocks,  and  haft of the cut bottle to use

as the product

the filter is suppose to get the big chunks and the dirty water

out and it was going to look crystal clean but it didn’t

The main adjective was to make the dirty water clean as you can

and me and my friend tried and didn’t clean but we cleaned most of the water.


Teo is a baby boy’s name of greek Origin “Gift of God.
It is common name in Italy and Spain. Where the
pronounced an ‘ay’ sound instead of ‘e’. The name is a
shortened version of Teodor, which is a variant of the
Greek name Theodore.
I got this origin in Baby|name.co.uk

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