School Uniforms 

According to school-reported statistics, schools with uniforms have fewer students tardy than schools without uniforms. Countries should make school uniform compulsory because students represent their school, it excites new students and it helps students concentrate. This is important because it can help students and teachers.

When students where uniforms, students can further represent their school community. According to a high schooler studying at Neale-Wade Academy (March, England), he says “Wearing a uniform is a badge of pride, it creates an identity for a school.” It shows that you’re proud to be in your school community. “Uniforms show you’re a part of an organization. Wearing it says we’re all in this together” says Jason Wing, the headteacher at Neale-Wade. Showing that you’re a part of a school community is important. It shows that the school is one big organization and not a bunch of small ones. A strong school community creates a stronger bond between students, teacher and parents.

School uniforms can excite students. From my own personal experience, I remember when I was about to go to a school that has a school uniform, I would be extremely excited to wear a new school uniform. Also, when I was a lot younger, I would be excited to go to school because I could wear my uniform. And according to Bill O’Chee, an Australian politician and a former senator for the state of Queensland says, “What excited children going to school for the first time is usually their uniform.” Uniforms are just another thing that makes students more excited about school. When students are excited, they concentrate better, and they are more enthusiastic about studying and going to school.

You could argue that school uniforms are expensive. According to an article on, “95% of parents think that these cost [of uniforms] are “unreasonable”” Even though uniforms are quite pricey sometimes, it can help students concentrate in class. French Toast Official School Wear, a uniform supplier mentioned: “Students attention needs to go into learning in your classroom, rather than how they look.” The way other students dress can be distracting and can get students off focus. Students might spend more time looking or focus on their or other clothing instead of focusing on learning. Then it’s pointless for parents to pay for their tuition fees.

In order to help the lives of the entire school community, schools should make uniforms necessary because students further represent the community, it excites students to go to school, and it helps students focus on learning. Now the lives of students, teachers, and parents are easier.