*In order of questions given on DX*
I previously used to think that producing an app wasn’t going to be are a large challenge and I would finish everything I wanted to do before the deadline. I thought coding the app would only be a bit harder than block coding (which is something I’ve done before) because of the buttons and stuff. But now I think without help, it’ll probably have been impossible for me to make the app. And even with help, I don’t think I got to my place I wanted the app to get to.
I wanted to help my friend learn basic German words and their pronunciation. She is struggling to learn German and would often complain to me about how confusing and hard it is. She told me that even after 2 months of trying to learn German with an online tutor, she still hasn’t gone past the alphabet. She wants to impress her mom because her mom wants her to go to Europe when she grows up (more specifically, Germany). She said she wanted to focus on pronunciation and speaking.
I wanted to make the app in a flashcard arrangement because to me it makes the most sense for my client’s demand. She can scroll through different numbers and see both how it’s spelt and how it’s pronounced. Because she wanted to work on pronunciation, I gave the app a “text to speech” function so whatever that is on the flashcard (in German) can be pronounced precisely. I did numbers because to me numbers are really basic and is a day-to-day skill.
It’s a pretty basic flashcard app. When either arrow is pressed, the following (when the “next” button is pressed) or the previous (when the “back” button is pressed) will appear. When whatever flashcard is pressed, the pronunciation of the number displayed will be said (in the accurate German way).
Personally, a strength is that it works. I was starting to doubt whether it app was going to work. A weakness of the app is that it’s really basic and doesn’t have any colour. Although one of my client’s wishes for their app is to be inspired by her favourite cartoon, it was about looks so I didn’t focus on my list and put it least important out of all my client’s demand. For the process itself, I think I should have spent more time constructing the app instead of planning. I also should have known my skill level and maybe make it a little more simple.