"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious" - Albert Einstein

Reflection of Argumentative Essay

1. Balanced paragraph with the correct amount of evidence and explanation.
2. Repetitive and strong claim before and throughout each paragraph.

1. Try to edit my introduction and conclusion to 2-3 sentences.
2. Try to have better handwriting, just for neatness.

Smell Detector 0.3

My design is called Smell Detector 0.3. Its job is to detect the smell from all different directions (one sensor on each side), then show where and what is the smell (with a screen and a camera). It would first give a variety of options for the owner to choose from. For example, I chose malatang; and it shows what and where is in front of you. It will also give you directions to get there. The two noses on the side is just a symbol.

Lightbox Reflection

For our 1st design unit, each of us created a lightbox that has a place that we miss or like inside. For me, I chose a summer camp that I usually go to every summer in New Hampshire (near Boston). Because of COVID 19, I can’t go to that camp this year.

My biggest obstacle was how to connect the shapes in illustrator, Since I’m new to this app, I need a lot of help ti to create and fix my design. In the end, of course, I got help from Mr. Gabbie and I solved the problem. For this reason, I also learned how to use the illustrator app; which is an app to edit pictures.

One thing I can improve on is to make my design more complicated, like Gavins. My design is pretty simple, compared to many people in our class. I’m not saying that I didn’t do good as well or something, its just that I could challenge myself more.


-We played UNO, and we went played tag.
-I’d like to do nothing. Because most of us are very tired of the work, so we should have some rest time.

-Wrote an email to Mr. Shafer. I should work faster with the email because I’m still not finished with the email.
-No more service, because I think it’s boring

I did well in communicating with other people in our group and keep changing what I’ve done so far by other people’s suggestions.

ADHD Impact Percy by Managing Emotions, and the Positive Relationships of Percy Jackson

ADHD is quite common among kids these days, and many are affected by it in negative ways. They affect kid’s reaction of things, and even affect their positive relationship of things. However, one-way to improve is by using his ADHD correctly on learning. Which can benefit them by helping them manage emotions. In the book of Percy Jackson, chapter 1-3, Percy is in school. He is affected by both ADHD and relationships with other people.

ADHD impacts Percy by making bad choices by not controlling his anger, which negatively affects the community. This could be improved by letting his teachers help and understand him more. Firstly, he can’t control what he acts when he is distracted or frustrated. On page 5 of the book, he said ‘Will you shut up?!’ to Nancy, which represents that he can’t control what he says when he is distracted. Thus, according to the article, this is also a symptom of ADHD. Another example is when Percy called his English teacher an old sot on page 17 when he is not happy with him. This is also another symptom, making careless mistakes, said the article. To prevent Percy from distracted, the teachers could talk to Percy more, basically, just take more care of him. The best way is to relate to school subjects with hobbies. This will let Percy be interested in learning, and even get his grades to A or B+. Although sometimes he hates the subject like math, he still could have a positive attitude if the teacher tried to be friends with him. Just like what Neurodiversity: A different view of ADHD, we can use his ADHD on learning. For this reason, Percy can’t control his anger sometimes, but his teachers can help him make the study more fun.

Percy also has some positive relationships that he cares about, which also makes him feel good. Positive relationships make him feel good when he has a problem or when he is stressed. On page 32-33 of the book The Lightning Thief, Percy said “My mom makes me feel good just by walking into the room.” This explains that the relationship Percy has with his mom can help him manage emotions. “When she looks at me, it’s like she’s seeing all the good things about me, none of the bad,” says Percy on page 33. This is also an example that positive relationships make him feel good. “Having strong relationships were half as likely to catch a common cold when exposed to the virus.” claims the article Why Personal relationships are important. Percy Jackson also cares about his friends, teachers, or even his study environment that he feels good with. “And yet… there are things that I could miss at Yancy. The view of the woods out my dorm window, the Hudson River in distance, a small line of trees. I’d miss Grover, who’d been a good friend, even if he was a little strange. I’d miss Latin class, too-Mr. Brunner’s crazy tournament days and his faith that I could do well.”, from the book The Lightning Thief. He claims that he will miss all the good things and people that he likes, which helps him in different ways. In ‘Having good friends can improve well-being, especially during the holidays’, it says that ‘Friends are like families, and they may be better than the real ones. This means that a friend could be as helpful as a family member and could be as hard to say goodbye. Although sometimes Percy has a really bad relationship with Gabe and Nancy, his friends and his mom can back him up, or help him. To summarize, positive relationships are what he cares, and can help him manage emotions.

To conclude, ADHD affect Percy by making him hot headed. He can improve this by letting his teacher help him more on his attitudes toward learning. Basically, just use his impulsive personality of studying. In other words, he sometimes can’t control what he does when he is sad or angry. On the other hand, he also has positive relationship with his school, friends, and his mother.

Ecosystem & Food Web

  1. This is my first year to learn science, so I was very new to this subject. I learned how to support what I found in different experiments by CER, and also learning what is a science model.
  2. I would like to work on teamwork and to improve on my models so far next year in science.

Our Stories Make History Final Project

Go to this Sway

During this unit, we created our own primary sources during the COVID – 19 periods. We also learn how to find reliable sources for our learning. My project will take my readers through the hole COVID – 19 periods, which is still going on. My project is organized chronologically, (from the project I first created). There are highs and lows of my project for more balance to my readers.

There is tons of feeling and experiences in the project, which would be very beneficial for historians to study our experience.  They would learn the feelings of a perspective from a normal citizen. Including fears and confusion; e-learning pros and cons; economic issues, school closure; border restrictions; and government orders. For better understanding, historians would need to learn more information for different people is different perspectives.

In this unit, I learned many new skills to separate true and fake news, plus a better understanding of journal writing. With many successes, I also need to improve some skills. Firstly, sometimes I have to understand the expectations more because I often submit my work but not as it supposed to be.  Secondly, I need to try not to get distracted by my work.


Creative Performance Assignment: Art

In this project, I decided to do an art piece. (before I was doing a piece of music, but there is a problem with my computer) Here is my art piece (galaxy, beach, and mountain).

Dear Abby Letter: Character Conflict

Dear Abby

(Click ‘Dear Abby’ to see) I’m reading the book called Lu. It is the fourth book of the Track series by Jason Reynolds. This book is about a white boy named Lu who is in a track team with his friends Ghost, Patty and Sunny. It is near the end of the season where the championship would come up. As Lu prepares for the final meet, he also learns what it really mean to win the champion. Please read the book to find out more about Lu! Also, read the other books in series; Ghost, Patina and Sunny.

Early Human and Us Reflection

This was my first research project, so it was new to me. I could say that it went good and after each work time, my eyes get really blury. I even enjoyed doing this project though mine won’t be really good cause I missed a day of school.

I had 8 days doing this project and I spend 6days researching. On my end of the 6th day, I was worried I won’t be able to finish the project. But I really hurried during the 7th day and I was almost done! I was really surprised that did not overdue this project. In the 8th day, I finished of the project and I was all done. (I did not turn in the project on the 8th day, because I needed some help.

I would for sure spend less time because to be honest, I thought we were writing a article but we are not so I really don’t need all of the information. Some parts I did just go on google and searched liked the primary sources that I have. Overall I think I did okay at the end and I’m good to go. (or maybe not)

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