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Argumentative Essay Reflection

  1. The opening of my essay was strong, it was able to hook the reader and introduce my claim properly.
  2. I should use more research and make my paragraphs more complete.
  3. I agree with how I was marked.
  4. The biggest challenge was trying to find useful evidence. I did have many sources from previous debates we did in class, but I didn’t remember the article name and I never cited them, and I wasn’t able to find them. So, I had to find new sources and evidence.

Percy Jackson Informational Blog

Have you ever had those times where you get so furious that you cannot control yourself and end up doing something that you would regret? Being emotionally driven, Percy Jackson does this a lot. He is a half-blood who does not always make the best choices, and most of the bad choices he makes results in serious consequences. He gets into fights and disrespects his teachers very often.


In chapter 2, page 17, Percy gets mad at his English teacher and calls him an ‘old sot’, and then gets expelled from the school. ‘Finally, when our English teacher, Mr. Nicoll, asked me for the millionth time why I was too lazy to study for spelling tests, I snapped. I called him an old sot. I wasn’t even sure what it meant, but it sounded good.’ This might not seem like something that will get him expelled, but he has gotten himself into trouble too many times, and that was the last. He was unable to control his temper as usual and behaved disrespectfully.


Rather than be rude to his teacher, Percy could have tried to keep himself composed and talk to the teacher about his problems. He should have thought about the consequences of his actions before he did what he did. In the article ‘Recognizing and Managing Emotions’, the author states “Emotional decisions are sometimes seen as made in the ‘heat of the moment’, but emotions play a greater part in most decisions than we may be aware.” And “The best decisions are made using both logic and emotion.” Percy’s decisions are mostly emotional decisions—he called Mr. Nicoll an old sot because he was exasperated, he did not even think about what might happen afterwards. “If you only use one or the other [emotional or logical], your decisions may either not be very balanced, or not support your emotional needs.” This perfectly explains what happened to Percy: his decision was completely emotional and therefore, not balanced. He needs to learn how to control his emotions and think logically before he does something.


In conclusion, Percy’s decisions need to be more balanced. When we make decisions, we should stop and think, or else it may be too emotionally driven.


(I’m not completely finished)



Percy Jackson Character Traits

Percy Jackson is a stubborn person. In chapter 4, page 49, Percy is being attacked by a minotaur—a bull-headed man. His mother tells him to run to the property line on his own, which the minotaur cannot cross, meaning he will be safe there. However, Percy refuses to leave on his own and insists on taking Grover and his mother with him.


“That’s the property line,” my mom said. “Get over that hill and you’ll see a big farmhouse down in the valley. Run and don’t look back. Yell for help. Don’t stop until you reach the door.”
“Mom, you’re coming too.”
Her face was pale, her eyes as sad as when she looked at the ocean.
“No!” I shouted. “You are coming with me. Help me carry Grover.”…  “He doesn’t want us,” my mother told me. “He wants you.  Besides, I can’t cross the property line.”
“We don’t have time, Percy. Go. Please.”
I got mad, then—mad at my mother, at Grover the goat, at the thing with horns that was lumbering toward us slowly and deliberately like, like a bull.
I climbed across Grover and pushed the door open into the rain. “We’re going together. Come on, Mom.”

“I told you—”
“Mom! I am not leaving you. Help me with Grover.”


Percy’s mom explained to him why she’s not going, and it’s for his own good, but he still won’t change his mind. He loves his mom a lot and wants to stay with her, however, going on his own would’ve been better. After all, the minotaur is after Percy, not Grover or his mom. Later, his stubbornness causes his mother’s death.


Percy is also short-tempered, loyal, and emotionally driven. In chapter 1, page 3, he sees his friend, Grover, get bullied by Nancy Bobofit. He immediately felt rage build up inside of him and wanted to protect Grover.


“I’m going to kill her,” I mumbled.

Grover tried to calm me down. “It’s okay. I like peanut butter.” He dodged another piece of Nancy’s lunch.

“That’s it.” I started to get up, but Grover pulled me back to my seat.

“You’re already on probation,” he reminded me. “You know who’ll get blamed if anything happens.” Looking back on it, I wish I’d decked Nancy Bobofit right then and there. In-school suspension would’ve been nothing compared to the mess I was about to get myself into.


Percy is loyal to his friend and he wants to protect him. However, he is on probation because he is too emotionally driven and short tempered—every time something he doesn’t like happens, he gets angry and wants to fight. “In-school suspension would’ve been nothing compared to the mess I was about to get myself into.” This foreshadows that he did end up losing his temper and get in trouble.




Habitat Mini Project

This year in science class, I learned many new things. The most important thing I learned is what energy really is, and how it is transferred, how it transforms, and how there are many types of it. I think it is the most important thing I learned because it was used in every unit in science, and it is behind everything.

Next year in science, I wish to learn more about chemistry because I find it quite interesting.

Here is my Habitat Mini Project Thinglink, I worked on Forest Habitats:

Early Humans and Us

This is my Thinglink

This is my oral reflection video:

Metaphor Map

In this map everything represents something in my life

The mountains are waking up in the morning because it’s very hard.

The desert is my room because it is very quiet and lonely.

The lake is reading because lakes don’t flow, so it’s very calm, and so is reading.

The plain is Liverpool’s matches because they don’t score, so it’s boring (sorry Liverpool fans).

The forest is my brain because it has all my ideas, which are the trees.

The valley is Chelsea Football Club because they are now very far from their peak years and the mountain’s peak.

The river is everyday in my life because some rivers starts flowing on mountains which is waking up, and everyday in my life so far has started with me waking up.

The volcano is my anger because it both erupts.

The island is randomness because like an island it appears in the middle of nowhere.

And the ocean is the friendly environment that surrounds me, like how it surrounds the land I drew.


Cardboard Penalty Shootout

I made this game with Harry, we both really like football (soccer), that’s why we made a football game. Our game is a two player game, we thought making it a two player game would be a good idea because this way the players can interact with each other. To play our game, one player has to be the shooter, one has to be the goalkeeper. The shooter needs to aim, then pull the pencil back, then it will shoot. The goalkeeper just has to move the stick behind to save shots.

I think our biggest obstacle was that every time after about 20 shots we have to fix the shooter. The problem was that the masking tape on the shooter kept coming off. We were originally using wood instead of the masking tape, but the wood came off even more.

Overall, I think this product was successful because many kids played our game and really enjoyed it, which was way over our expectations, because our game wasn’t very eye-catching.

A piece of advice I would give to a future student doing this project is that not every part of your game will match your plan, so don’t be frustrated when it’s not perfect. This something that Harry and I learned when we made this project.

These are links to my design sketches and some feedback I got.

4208_001  4207_001


How I Feel About Middle School

This picture represents how I currently feel about middle school because I’m really stressed out. This is because I have to bring a bunch of things to a bunch of different classes and I have to do that with out being tardy.

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