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Reflection of argumentative writing (Tom)

Reflection Questions

Q1.What you did well in your essay?

A1. I use it many times in the introduction so there are small mistakes.

Q2.What you might like to improve?

A2. I want to improve on some structure of the essay.

Q3.Are there any areas where you marked yourself differently than Ms. Rivera? What are your thoughts?

A3. There are some different parts but I agree with Ms.Rivera’s marked because I don’t know all of the  information and I don’t have enough time so I checked very fast.

Q4. What was the biggest challenge that you faced while researching, planning, and writing this essay? How did you overcome this challenge?

A4.  Researching and planning were not very hard but the writing was beat challenging to me because I tried to change my writing style by using new skills that I learned at school.



Percy Jackson Informational Blog

Percy Jackson


There are very many choices that Percy chose. He chose many good choices but also there were some terrible choice. I found many choices that Percy chosen terrible.


First on page 2 he was not being patient, so he accidentally aims the school bus with war cannon. This part was very frustrated to me. I think the teachers already said be careful using cannon to every student, but he did not hear the instruction patiently, so he accidentally shot the cannon near the school bus. I want to suggest Percy to hear more patiently at the instruction, communicate with other peoples and please be-careful. Percy is ADHD so he is challenging to pay attention but this is very dangerous thing, so I want to suggest him that he have to get more patient. I think he have to practice not distracting to other thing while he is doing very very important things like dangerous things.


Second, he sometimes can’t make a decisions with emotions so he do bad things to other peoples like one very big example he ignore Nancy many times. I think this is very bad even Nancy is a bad student to him.

This made him very unstable with his life. I suggest him to please do not get dominated to his feeling and bear sometimes because I think this will help Percy very much like he screws up many things because of his personality that can’t control his self-feeling. He sometimes has also thought about logic, but emotions are also very important.  FINISH

Percy Jackson CER project


In Percy Jackson and the lightning thief, Percy Jackson is pure-hearted. I think Percy is pure-hearted because on page 57 Percy think what he went through was just a dream. (He lost his mother and came to camp)

When he knows when it was not a dream, he was very worried and nervous. I read this part and think he is very pure-hearted and also have to be braver and more stable. One more reason why I think Percy Jackson is pure-hearted is because on page 62~63 Percy went to wake up in camp and he found Mr. Brunner in the camp. He was half horse half people but he was very exciting to meet Mr. Brunner. In the book it says “Mr. Brunner” I cried. I think this part gave me thinking that Percy is very kind but also the part “I cried” made me think he is very pure-hearted. I also think Percy is very kind because on page 59 When Grover ask what do you remember? He asked his mom’s safety first. Also, he looked very down when he heard the answer.

These are some Percy’s character traits, I think. FINISH


Q1.What is the biggest takeaway from grade 6 science?

A1. The biggest take away is information i learn very many thing liquid, solid, gas, conductor, insulator …………………..   very many thing and also very many experience example penguin project.

Q2.What would you like to work on grade 6 science next year?

A2.Many experience and many new informations.


Our story make history

Our stories make history

Thinglink project humanity

This is my history of shelters Thinglink project

Cardboard arcade

I think the thing we have to change next time is that we have to choose thing that is not that hard because this time we try to make a cardboard claw machine but we don’t have enough time to finish so we quickly change to other game . But we try many things, we tried using drills and very big knife.

The thing I think it was MOST challenging part was the part we have to change the cardboard arcade. It was very nervous because we thought we can finish but we can’t . At last we change our cardboard arcade.

The most thing I enjoy was the quiz time. This make me think very much and it was very fun. This game also tell me new things in real life this give me very good information.



I am from……….

I am from my grandma’s house.

There is abed always i sleep when i was young.

There is a TV always i see when i was young.


I am from my phone.

There is my many many photoes and wechat that i talk with my friends.



I am from chicken.

I always eat chicken when it is special day!It have many types of  chicken original ,spicy, soy sauce, cheese and barbecue.

chicken always need cola to eat.



I am from youtube.

The youtube have many tips to tell me.

when i do homework i always use youtube to hear song.


I am from my bed.

I always sleep on bed every day and rest on bed every time and play on bed everytime.

My bed is very very soft.

!!BUMP!! sometimes i fell down on my bed.


I am from money.

I need money to live and eat and go school

I wait and wait until my parents give me money.

Money smells same with coin.

I dont know why is this working .


I am from my family.

I need my family to grow.

Sometimes my family scold me but it is always helping me.

My parents always help me when i get in a big trouble.

Family is happiness.


I am from sleep i usually sleep in very soft place.

Sometimes i fell on the bed !!!BUMP!!! but i am sleeping so no pains zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…….

Sleep is a glue gun because when it stick it is so hard to break it.


I am from game

The gun sound that anomy shoot, bang!!!

The plan to win this game was keep going on.

Last shot make us win.Many words are  in the chating box gg gg gg!!good game!

game is math because a little bit of damage change the answer.


Iam a …

The sketch was very hard but it was very fun.

I am not at drawing so it was more harder.

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