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Ancient Greek Time Travel


Are you interested in Ancient Greece Rome? There are many interesting myths in Ancient  Greece. Myths of Sparta and Athens are my favorite myths. In the myth Spartan defeated Athens easily but, What would happen if Athens fight with weapon from present.

James is one of the special agents in the United States. He completed important training and went on vacation to the sea. He had a great time at sea with his family and found a button with a strange number written on it. He pressed the button, and the moment he pressed it, he lost his mind.

He came to his senses in prison, not at the hospital or at the beach. He asked the jailer next to him where is here, but the jailer passed him speaking a strange language. He looked at a newspaper written in ancient Greek next to him and knew he had come to the times of ancient Greece. He tried to find a button and go back but there was no button in his pocket. He kept searching for the lost time machine, but he couldn’t find it.

About an hour later, the guard took James to the suspicious room. There was Athena in the suspicious room and a time machine in her hand.  Athena said “if you help Athens to defeat Spartan, I will return the time machine. James didn’t want to accept the deal but  James had no choice but to accept the offer.

After the deal James released from prison. The external environment of ancient Greece was different from the current external environment. The place was so clean that it was hard to find a single piece of garbage, let alone environmental pollution. He felt like he was in a other planet. But there was no time to appreciate environment. As soon as he came out, Athena began to train him. First Athena taught James how to attack with a sword and defend with shields. James was able to learn Athens martial quickly because he was a special agent.

About a month later, he mastered Athens’ martial perfectly. After all training, he went to the volcano where Hephaestus lives to strengthen his weapon. The volcano looked hot and dangerous, but to strengthen its weapons, he had to enter the volcano. As we entered the volcano, it kept getting hotter, but as a result, Hephaestus was in the center of the volcano. James asked Hephaestus to strengthen his weapon. Hephaestus admired the present weapons and strengthened them in return.

The next day Athens was preparing for war against Sparta. James also got ready because of the training of Athena and Athena, and the weapons Hephaestus made. While we were preparing for the war, there was a shout from outside and we realized that the war has begun and we finished preparing for the war. I had a lot of thoughts when I went out to war. What happens if I die here? If we lose the previous fight, will I not be able to go back? Why am I doing this here? The peaceful outside became a battlefield at some point. We fought as hard as we could, but not enough to beat the Spartans. The Athenians began to lose ground, and as time went by, the Athenians were almost wiped out. Before almost wipe, James ran straight home with a good idea. James brought his machine gun from home just in case. Spartan’s power was great, but it was still hard to beat the power of the machine gun. And in ancient Greece, there was no weapon to shoot far away, so it was more difficult to stop machine guns attack. Athena win a war because of James great performance Athens suffered a lot of damage but miraculously won the fight against Spartan. 

After the war Athena give James many jewels and treasures as reward but James decide to don’t get jewels because James think James also had an amazing experience in time travel. In the end of the story James go back to present and often think about time travel that he had in ancient Greek  

Percy Jackson informational Blog

In chapter 2 Percy begins to question his sanity because no one else seems to know who Mrs. Dodds is. Percy is used to weird experiences, but he’s disturbed that everyone at Yancy is convinced that Mrs. Kerr has been teaching us since Christmas. Percy thinks he’s gone crazyAt night, he has nightmares about Mrs. Dodds sporting talons and leathery wings. Because of his stress, Percy’s grades get worse and worse, and he can’t control his anger in class. Eventually, his head get full of stress when, he learns that he won’t be invited back to Yancy Academy for his seventh-grade year. So, in chapter 2 Percy’s self-esteem was lowered by these events. 

Having so much stress gives Bad effect for Percy. It makes Percy’s school grade suffer and make Percy lose pride.  Also Percy think he is getting crazy because he can’t accept this situation.

Percy needs a habit of accepting positively no matter what happens.  In the story he thinks very negatively and get frustrated.        Three studies in peer reviewed journals found that positive is good for the immune system, reduces anxiety, and increases positive emotions such as happiness. Positive has been shown to be particularly beneficial when you are going ‘through the wire. I know it’s hard to accept this situation, but if Percy accept the situation quickly and didn’t think negative, Percy may be going to school normally 

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Percy Jackson Character traits

In Percy Jackson and the lightening thief, Percy is very strong minded and braveOn page 55 of the book Percy fight with bull-man and he pluck bull-man’s hornAlso, his mom disappeared before his very eyes, but He didn’t get panic and he saved his friend Grover from minotaur. If I was Percy, I will get panic and run to camp I think I can’t believe that my mom disappearedAfter he fight with Minotaur, he decides to train and go to Olympus mountain and tell that I am not a lightening thief. In this paragraph Percy is brave because hknows that he needs to fight with many Minotaur during the way going to Olympus mountain, but he decides to go. I think in chapter 4 Percy get mentally and physically stronger because he suffered a lot of danger and lost his mom. 

Science Habitat Project Desert (Tony)

My thinglink project

Where I’m from



Where I’m From


I am from bed

From phone, ear phone when I’m doing Math homework I always use.


I am from a big apartment

And from rooms.


I am from a fake tree

That is a small tree with green leaves.

I am from an ipad, headphones

That I played with when I was young.

I am from youtube and doing homework

When UI was in grade 1.


I am from mom that knows everything about me

and a father who is very scary.

From a twin brother who is very slow

And another brother who is tired all the time.


I am from god.

I am from Seoul, Korea

From a day that had a war.


I am from creamy spaghetti and hot spicy noodles



Science Design

Q:What was the problem? (What were you trying to solve)

A:The problem is we need to make dirty water more cleaner.

Q:Why engineering is  important?

A:We need to engineer so we can make things.

Q:What was your challenge?

A:The challenge was making dirty water cleaner to drink.

Q:Why did you choose that design and does it work?Was your design successful?How might you change your filter if you could do it again?

A:We use silk to make water go down and dirty thing left but very little dirty thing are melt in water so we can’t stop that little things.

I am…

I am indoor liker.

I am hungry people.

I am spicy food liker.

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