Ancient Rome’s Impact Today

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Smell Bug

This smell bug i created is controlled by the controller. the big black part is the screen where you see what the bug sees. the right button is to sniff. when you ‘sniff’ the bug gets up on its hind legs and turns in a circle detecting smells with its antenna. the right button clears the smells for after you have finished with it. you can see the detected smells on the belly of the bug.

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Lightbox Reflection

as our first product design unit we built a light-box of a place that is special to us. I made a scene of Egypt. i really liked that trip and i made my light-box like one of my favorite photos we took there.


a large obstacle i ran into was controlling the lights to do my biding. they would fly up every time i pushed them down. it was hard for me to get my lights trapped under my layers when i glued them and if i did get them to stay under then the layer would get glued to the light. i ended up gluing down the lights out of the way.

something I’d like to change about my light-box is the paint and sizes of some pieces. i think i should have taken more time to mix the colors i wanted like a darker blue for the sky and painted finer details like the building in the middle of the light-box, i should have painted the wall lines thiner. I also wish I had made the pieces fit better. I made the top and the back to small.

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Percy’s study skills

How could a demi-god, Percy Jackson, get better study habits? What could Percy Jackson do if he had better study habits? Well With better study skills Percy could stay in schools longer, be smarter, and just be happier in general.

Percy Jackson was getting D’s his whole life and near the end of his school year he said “My grades slipped from D’s to F’s.” Pg. 17 This is most likely because of his bad study habits. If he had better study habits he could have not later snapped at his teacher when stay asked him why he was “too lazy to study.” It could have also helped his attitude towards school. Even though he has a good reason to not be studying he could still try to get a little bit of understanding. He can do this by setting times to study and studying every day. He could also get more from those study periods by avoiding distracting tech.

Percy could have a much better life if he had better study habits, a better attitude towards school, and better self-confidence. This is because if Percy had more self-confidence then he could learn better because in the video 3 tips to boost your confidence- Ted Ed. they said that “studies show that those who fail regularly and keep trying anyway are better equipped to respond to challenges and setbacks in a constructive way. They learn how to try different strategies, ask others for advice, and preserve.” This could benefit Percy a lot by getting his grades up with could cause him to stay in schools longer, help him learn about/understand the things that come at him, and boost his happiness.

Improving his study habits wouldn’t be that hard, he could achieve that by using some examples from the articles Top 10 ways to study, and How to Focus on Studying. They mention setting a time to study and studying every day. Percy could also “Anticipate Your Physical Needs.” They say to underline words as you read, bounce a ball as your thinking of an answer to a question, fidget with a rubber band and more. Percy could use these tips to improve his study skills. Having better study habits would help him because he would be able to learn more, learn better, and learn more efficiently.

Therefore, Percy could have a better life if he had better study habits. If Percy Jackson had better study skills, he could know more to help him in life whether he is at school or fighting a big demon teacher.

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Habitat Mini Project

  1. What is your biggest take away from 6th grade science? modeling is a large part of science. 
  2. What would you like to work on for next year in science? chemistry.
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Our Story’s Make History

In this unit we searched about now. Then wrote about how we were feeling. We finally pulled it all together to document a point in our own histories. 

I organized my project chronology.

It could show them what one person was thinking and doing during these times.

I am most proud of my journalling

Finding articles related to me and corona was challenging for me

Hum Story Make History

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Humanities project

hum magic boxx

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Metaphor Map

Toddlers are a plain, because almost every toddler I meet wants to be my friend.

Math is a mountain, because math is hard.

Resting is a river, because resting is easy and helps me calm down.

Anger is a volcano, because I randomly get mad and explode.

Hockey is an oasis, because not many people would guess that I play hockey by looking at me.

Video games are islands, because it is still an existing thing in my life but not a main feature.

Double bass is a peninsula, because I am on the edge of loving it.

Eating is a forest, because there are many trees in forest just like the many foods in me.

Looks are a desert, because they’re nothing to me.

The ocean is my Brothers, it can hurt and torcher you but sometimes it is nice.

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Where I’m From Poem

This is my where i’m from poem. we read a few where i’m from poems in class, and then we wrote a list of things that are special to us, or are common for us to hear. After that we chose 3 things from different categories for each stanza. we made 5 stanzas than added some figurative language. I hope you enjoy my Where I’m From Poem.


I Am From “You’re Poopy” And 3D Movies

By: Truman

I am from screaming

“you’re poopy” across the house,

Ham instead of turkey on thanksgiving,

And a squeaky chicken that

continuously keeps clucking.


I am from traveling

Bringing home magnets from every country we go to,

A giant sports court in the backyard

with the click clack of a pickle ball screaming with the wind“,

and nicknaming everyone before there born.


I am from Food galore

with a new batch

of cookies that taste like there from the moon,

making snow ramps that would shoot

you to the moon in our plastic sleds, and


I am from

New tech every year,

Bringing home giant billion-pound bags

of cereal and chocolate,

And my dad getting random gadgets from late dinners.


I am from

Sharing a trampoline with our neighbors

so, we can mow the lawn,

buying anything that’s 2 for 1,

and watching 3d movies in the basement


This is where I’m from.

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Deserted Island Reflection

Why are engineers important: Engineers are important because they engineer almost everything we use.


What was your challenge: keeping the sieve on at the top, and catching a lot of water.


Why did you choose that design: because I knew that cloth and cotton were good for filtering and I read in a magic school bus book it said that rocks help.


How does it work: the water go’s threw the small holes of everything and that scrapes most of the dirt off, then all the other nasty things get scraped of with the rocks and finally we catch all the water at the bottom.


Was your design successful: I think it was the water came out pretty clear and I don’t think it would give me a really bad dieses.


How might you change your apparatus if had the opportunity? (If no redesign): I think that I would take away the news paper, put another cup under it, and give it legs to stabilize.

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