Deserted Island Reflection

Why are engineers important: Engineers are important because they engineer almost everything we use.


What was your challenge: keeping the sieve on at the top, and catching a lot of water.


Why did you choose that design: because I knew that cloth and cotton were good for filtering and I read in a magic school bus book it said that rocks help.


How does it work: the water go’s threw the small holes of everything and that scrapes most of the dirt off, then all the other nasty things get scraped of with the rocks and finally we catch all the water at the bottom.


Was your design successful: I think it was the water came out pretty clear and I don’t think it would give me a really bad dieses.


How might you change your apparatus if had the opportunity? (If no redesign): I think that I would take away the news paper, put another cup under it, and give it legs to stabilize.

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