Where I’m From Poem

This is my where i’m from poem. we read a few where i’m from poems in class, and then we wrote a list of things that are special to us, or are common for us to hear. After that we chose 3 things from different categories for each stanza. we made 5 stanzas than added some figurative language. I hope you enjoy my Where I’m From Poem.


I Am From “You’re Poopy” And 3D Movies

By: Truman

I am from screaming

“you’re poopy” across the house,

Ham instead of turkey on thanksgiving,

And a squeaky chicken that

continuously keeps clucking.


I am from traveling

Bringing home magnets from every country we go to,

A giant sports court in the backyard

with the click clack of a pickle ball screaming with the wind“,

and nicknaming everyone before there born.


I am from Food galore

with a new batch

of cookies that taste like there from the moon,

making snow ramps that would shoot

you to the moon in our plastic sleds, and


I am from

New tech every year,

Bringing home giant billion-pound bags

of cereal and chocolate,

And my dad getting random gadgets from late dinners.


I am from

Sharing a trampoline with our neighbors

so, we can mow the lawn,

buying anything that’s 2 for 1,

and watching 3d movies in the basement


This is where I’m from.

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