Percy’s study skills

How could a demi-god, Percy Jackson, get better study habits? What could Percy Jackson do if he had better study habits? Well With better study skills Percy could stay in schools longer, be smarter, and just be happier in general.

Percy Jackson was getting D’s his whole life and near the end of his school year he said “My grades slipped from D’s to F’s.” Pg. 17 This is most likely because of his bad study habits. If he had better study habits he could have not later snapped at his teacher when stay asked him why he was “too lazy to study.” It could have also helped his attitude towards school. Even though he has a good reason to not be studying he could still try to get a little bit of understanding. He can do this by setting times to study and studying every day. He could also get more from those study periods by avoiding distracting tech.

Percy could have a much better life if he had better study habits, a better attitude towards school, and better self-confidence. This is because if Percy had more self-confidence then he could learn better because in the video 3 tips to boost your confidence- Ted Ed. they said that “studies show that those who fail regularly and keep trying anyway are better equipped to respond to challenges and setbacks in a constructive way. They learn how to try different strategies, ask others for advice, and preserve.” This could benefit Percy a lot by getting his grades up with could cause him to stay in schools longer, help him learn about/understand the things that come at him, and boost his happiness.

Improving his study habits wouldn’t be that hard, he could achieve that by using some examples from the articles Top 10 ways to study, and How to Focus on Studying. They mention setting a time to study and studying every day. Percy could also “Anticipate Your Physical Needs.” They say to underline words as you read, bounce a ball as your thinking of an answer to a question, fidget with a rubber band and more. Percy could use these tips to improve his study skills. Having better study habits would help him because he would be able to learn more, learn better, and learn more efficiently.

Therefore, Percy could have a better life if he had better study habits. If Percy Jackson had better study skills, he could know more to help him in life whether he is at school or fighting a big demon teacher.

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