Lightbox Reflection

as our first product design unit we built a light-box of a place that is special to us. I made a scene of Egypt. i really liked that trip and i made my light-box like one of my favorite photos we took there.


a large obstacle i ran into was controlling the lights to do my biding. they would fly up every time i pushed them down. it was hard for me to get my lights trapped under my layers when i glued them and if i did get them to stay under then the layer would get glued to the light. i ended up gluing down the lights out of the way.

something I’d like to change about my light-box is the paint and sizes of some pieces. i think i should have taken more time to mix the colors i wanted like a darker blue for the sky and painted finer details like the building in the middle of the light-box, i should have painted the wall lines thiner. I also wish I had made the pieces fit better. I made the top and the back to small.

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