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trial #4

this 4th trial i decided to try a more oily lip balm, so i decided to add four ingredients instead of three, and i also changed the essential oil to a mixed one (orange essential oil and lemon essential oil).

what worked well was the consistence of the lip balm and the smell, i added two really strong smells and it worked well! the procedure was really successful, the lip balm turned out to be just like planed.  the product feels smooth and oily on my hand, you can easily spread it all over your hand, and its smells great. on my lips the lip balm is really smooth and really really soft! the smell ads a really nice mix.

the lip balm during the melting was kinda really light and when i put it inside the chapstick it was a bright yellow, and after it cooled down it was a normal yellow.

what didn’t work so well was that i might have added a bit too much orange essential oil, so when you apply it to your lips or hand the  smell is really strong.

next time i would like to try adding more coconut oil instead of it being 0.75g i would like it to be 1.5 instead of beeswax.


Trial number 3!

Trial #3

For this trial I tried a different type of oil (grape seed oil). I came up with the ingredients by looking at all the options of different type of oils and I decided to try the grape seed oil. Other things i changed was the essential oil, instead of it being lemon essential oil I decided to try lavender oil once again, The amount of beeswax. In the trial #2 the feedback people gave me was to add less beeswax, so I did so.

In the procedure #3 it was pretty easy to have the exact amount of the ingredients and the amount of beeswax made a big change, I decided to add less this time, so now you couldn’t smell beeswax. What didn’t work so well, was that when you put the lip balm on your lips, its a bit hard. On the other hand the smell is exactly the amount I needed.

The trial #3 felt  smooth on my hand  it would help moisturize a lot better than the trial #2, how it felt on the lips was completely different, you could put it once and it would already smell great and feel really smooth, in contrast the lip balm #3 was a success in moisturizing.

The lip balm smells great as mentioned before, you could easily smell the essential oil, I added lavender this time instead of lemon.

The color is the same throughout the procedure and when putting it inside the chapstick, however when you let it cool you can see that the yellow color  has changed a little bit, the yellow is just a bit clearer.

I would like to add four ingredients to my trial #4, so next time i will have 1.5g of beeswax, and 0.75g of shea butter, almond oil and coconut oil.  I decided to change my recipe completely so i could have a more successful oily lip balm.

This time i got feedback form my classmates and it helped me a lot so i can make my fourth lip balm even better!



Second lip balm trial!

second lip balm trial!

the first trial was not really successful, how i came up with the change of the lip balm was that i wanted my lip balm more soft, and the coconut oil in the first trial was not  a great idea, so i decided to replace it with almond oil, and the beeswax and shea butter were still the same.

for this second trial the lip balm was completely successful, the lip balm would moisturize your lips for a long time, the lemon smell was pretty strong.

different ingredients:

this time i decided to add almond oil instead of coconut oil and it worked well, i also changed the essential oil, instead of lavender i chose to add essential lemon oil.

the procedure took longer this time, i added the almond oil so it took longer to add up with the beeswax and shea butter, so i had to wait longe for it to cool down and for it to make the lip balm shape.

the lip balm felt really smooth on my hands  and the smell made it even better, how it felt on my lips was kind of the sam but this time it did moisturize well, and the smell lasted for a long time, the lip balm smells just like its supposed to like the lemon oil.

the color is the same as the first trial (yellow), and it did  not change while adding it to the chapstick.

I gave both of my lip balms (trial one and two) for my brother and mom to try it out. One of the feedbacks was that the lip balm number 2 would moisturize more than the first lip balm, they also said that the color fit the lemon essential oil really well. One of the things they said i should improve on was to maybe change to the lavender essential oil rather than the lemon one, and to add less beeswax because you could still smell it.  According to the feedback i changed my ingredients.

something that did not work so well might be the smell of beeswax, even with the essential oil you could still smell the beeswax, so maybe next time i could try to add less beeswax, so this time it will be 1gram instead f 1.5, and the grape-seed oil instead of the almond one, and that would be 1.5 grams.



Making a lip balm!

how did i came up with the exact amounts of the ingredients?

well, we were only allowed to use one chapstick for our lip balm , so the only amount one  chapstick can have are 3g , so beeswax and shea butter were 1.5g, and coconut oil was 1g. While measuring the ingredients did went past the number like the shea butter was 1.7g and the beeswax was 1.8.g, the coconut oil was a bit less like 1.3g.

What worked well? the lip balm did help moisturize, and the lavender oil  smelled really good.

The procedure was hard, the measurement fo the materials was hard, because we had to  use a really small amount of the materials like 1.5g, but the procedure that was made did worked.

The product felt kind of hard on my hand, it didn’t really spread. on the lips it was hard too but really softened your lips after a while.

My lip balm smells amazing, i really liked the lavender smell.

The color is the same throughout the lip balm stick, when the ingredients were melting it was the same color as it is inside the chopstick.

What didn’t work so well was the softness of the lip balm, when you tried to put on your lips it was hard, maybe i didn’t add enough of the shea butter.

What i want to improve next time, add more shea butter and maybe let the ingredients melt even more, for about one extra minute, and let it cool down even more like instead of 3 minutes do 5 minutes.

Beauty and wellness

Argumentative Essay Reflection

for my argumentative essay i wrote about how the banning of single-use plastics is an effective way to save our planet. I think something i did well was on giving some evidence and some tragic news to give a good example to the people, but something i could have worked on could have been on my rebuttal  against my opponents and my formal writing, including my writing. However i think i had some great points and evidence, but I could have had some more formal writing.

How is ADHD impacting Percy


Percy has a rough life, ADHD is affecting him on many ways, good and bad ways a bad thing would be he has a hard time concentrating, and a good way could be that If he likes what he is learning about he would put a lot more effort than he normally would do. Percy has many problems at school, like getting into fights with Nancy Bobofit every time Percy is learning about something, he is interested in. He can only concentrate when the teachers are talking about something that he is interested in, or when they are learning near the environment. Percy gets into many fights with Nancy Bobofit, she is mean to Percy, and they are always getting into fights or easier for Nancy, Percy gets in trouble, Percy, he has some problems controlling his emotions, Percys teachers could help him by talking to him or by making the classes easier, but specially Percy gets into many fights, and whenever he gets in more fights his grades get lower and lower. 

Percy during school it could be bad or good for him, because he cannot concentrate very well during class, his grades are not getting any better passing the years, he is a troubled kid.  “am I a troubled kid? Yeahyou could say that.” (pg1) he is a troubled kid, and he is in a school called Yancy academy, he has a hard time there, he wants to get better but it’s not Turing out good for him. “My grades slipped from D’s to F’s” (pg. 17), he is a little bit concerned about how his grades are going, how he is as a student at that school, well, ADHD is not helping him that much, “people with ADHD have a hard time focusing “often losing items, not paying attention, careless mistakes in school and not listening most of the time. Getting easily distracted and avoiding activities that require focus.” by him having ADHD it’s hard for him most of the time, he could also be having low self-esteem, “what was so great about me? A dyslexic, hyperactive boy with a D+ report card, kicked out of school for the sixth time in six years.” (pg. 38), Percy, has low self-esteem, he has no one to support him, only his mom, but he is far from her, she is working at a candy shop, and he is in a troubled school, far from each other. His grades being low, and him getting into many fights he has many troubles. “a person with diffused attention can pay attention to many things at the samtime.”, ADHD is also a good thing like the article says Percy could lose his attention on something but then that is fixed by learning something he likes, like Mr. Brunner’s class. 

He also has positive relationships like his mom, but still ADHD is affecting that, “because you don’t want me around?!” I regretted the words as soon as they were out.”  he has problems controlling his emotions, he thinks of what he is going to say, but he does not realize the consequences. “friendship bonds can help reduce stress, increase happiness and bolster self-confidence. ADHD could help him on many things but talking about his positive relationships he could improve on breathing, not saying hurtful things to your loved ones, or by just trying your best with people you don’t like.  “will you shut up?!?!?!” it came out louder than I thought” with Nancy, is another thing, during the field trip to the museum, Mr. Brunner was talking about something that Percy was really interested in, and then Nancy starts talking, that means that Percy really liked what Mr. Brunner was talking about and then Percy said out loud.  “will you shut up?!?!?!” it came out louder than I thought” it did come out louder that he thought, but he could still improve on that. Or like with his positive relationship with Grover, “Grover tried to calm me down” (pg. 3) “they do their best in simulating environments. They like to be outdoors and move their bodies.” people with ADHD enjoy being outside, like Percy, so maybe he could tell the other teachers that he concentrated better while working outside. Percy could calm down, going outside near the environment, that ways he could calm and relax and not say hurtful things or scream out loud to people. 

ADHD in Percy’s life, him having many problems, or just not focusing, his positive relationships, could get stronger and better, by just putting a little more effort by Percy.  




G6 Science ocean habitat

something important that i have learnt 6th grade science this year is how to take the claim evidence and reasoning at first i didn’t knew what to do but then i got the way to do it, i also learned to how take temperatures on different ways, another thing i learned was  how biodiversity, symbiosis and how  heat conducting works, i think that is an awesome thing to learn.

what i would like to work on next year for science is how to make more experiments like with explosions or something really interesting like visiting some zoos or helping animals or even going on a trip to somewhere and to help baby elephants.

something i learned by reading the habitats is that some of them are really endangered and they need  a lot of help, i also learned the different changes around the world like temperatures and stuff like that, or i also learned ot how find the differences between different climates.


MY humanities final project

heres it the link to my sway project:

and here is the embed code to my sway:    <iframe width=”760px” height=”500px” src=”” frameborder=”0″ marginheight=”0″ marginwidth=”0″ max-width=”100%” sandbox=”allow-forms allow-modals allow-orientation-lock allow-popups allow-same-origin allow-scripts” scrolling=”no” style=”border: none; max-width: 100%; max-height: 100vh” allowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen msallowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen></iframe>.

Our Stories Make History – My Reflection


During our unit, Our Stories Make History, I learned how to make a better work .  I also learned how to help my mom wiht the home choirs and also to collaborate more on everything . In my project, I have included and audio an timeline and an reflection.

We created this project to help people in the future understand COVID-19. This source may be helpful to other grade 6 students because  more students might be curious about wath happened so they want to know more so this project is useful for that .  Students would learn what was the experience like and how we  did all of our work.


During this unit, I felt sad i missed my friends and i didn’t had the company of my teachers it was really hard to understand without their help but passing the days i started to feel more comfortable . While I did some things well, there were also challenges. I learned. Next time I will try to pay more attention to the videos. Glossary of Terms.

my project from humanities

my project (cake)



i did a carrot cake it was pretty good, i had help from my mom and we had a great time doing that cake.

my cake  wasn’t an unhealthy desert it was a reduced on sugar desert.

i hope you like it as much as i did doing it.


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