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Early Humans and Us Thinglink Project – Technology

Down below is the link to Thinglink, the Thinglink is a humanities project about early humans to present-day topics ( Technology, community, and diet) and how it changed throughout history.


A new book

I got my idea for this story since it had a fairly definite moral, interesting events, and not that forgotten because it had happened at 4 or 5. While all my other memories had only remained in flashes, this one was quite complete. During the story, I edited on word choice a lot, sometimes doubting that if I should have written about this because during some parts of the story, I entirely forgot; so I thought real hard and mustered all memories I could and filled the leftover ones in with what I thought. I also edited for spelling and grammar after my first draft and replace and added sensory words, adjectives, verbs, and figurative language. When I was finally done, I added the audio recording and published it.


Where I’m From

Movie on 9-27-19 at 8.31 AM

I am from many delicious foods,

The sweet but salty Cha Siu.

The wafting smells from salmon cooking,

The rich, warm flavor of spaghetti.


I am from the green arms of the trees,

The bright light that greets me when I enter the house.

The calming splashes of water in the well-lit room,

The calm pond that never ripples.

I am from thousands and millions of books,

Of books of legends, fantasy, and history.

Of Rick Riordan’s mythical literature,

Of Tui. T. Sutherland’s magical writing.


I am from the constant annoying lectures about what I am supposed to do,

From the loud impatient yells of “Go do your homework!”


I am from a fun world of friends,

From the bright Sunshine.

From the impressive artist, Ziming,

From the fan of Marvel, Vivi.


I am from the memories as bitter as dark chocolate,

From the moments as sweet as candy.

Design Challenge Reflection

The materials we used are…

Three pipes

Duct tape




The problem we were trying to solve was filtering water, because we were “stuck on an island”. The circumstance was, using only the things “washed up on shore”.

Engineering is important because it is a job and if we don’t have engineering, we will have no houses and no one will or could solve our problems or problems that we, humans caused.  In the end, we will have no buildings and no houses.

A challenge we had was time, because we only had two days for building, testing, and developing, we did not get to develop our model. This model was built for testing which worked best, rocks or fabric. In the end, it both worked pretty well to filter the water although the fabric worked a little bit better, so why not combine it? Then the second model was created, this was the hard part, the time used wasn’t a lot, but we never got a chance to test it and it was broken apart due to our bad time management.

We chose this design because it was great for testing and it combined our group’s ideas. It works by just pouring water in carefully, then you just wait for the fabric/rocks to filter it.

The design we made was pretty successful, because we got the dirt out of the water, but I think we could’ve done better with the materials we were offered.

I would change everything and perhaps, try new materials, change the whole model and add in more materials that also work good.

I am…

A reader

A listener

A badminton player


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