Lip Balm Trial 1

Lip Balm Recipe (First Try)

Attached above are photos of the trial and the procedure.
I came up with the amounts by looking at the amounts from the recipes I got online and the research I did for each ingredient. I subtracted and added amounts according to the attributes I wanted my lip balm to have.
In the first trial, I also had some problems with the water and got some into my beaker of ingredients. I started over and was successful with the lip balm. Measuring out the ingredients worked out better than I expected, especially sinced the oil was hard to manage and coconut oil was really hard to cut into.
The final product felt kind of slick on my hand put not oily, after about an hour on my lips, it was no longer dry. It also smelled really good, it smelled of lemon.
I would like to improve on the texture of my lip balm next time and maybe try to make the process of it healing my lips more efficient.

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