Lip Balm Trial 2

Lip Balm Recipe + Trials

For this lip balm trial, I changed the amount of coconut oil and grapeseed oil, I increased the amount of coconut oil and decreased the amount of grapeseed oil.
I took 2 classes to finish making this lip balm since, in the first class, the hot plate didn’t heat up well even when I turned it up to full heat. The hot plate in the second class worked especially well, it heated up in less than a minute.
I asked my mom to try my first lip balm and she said it was pretty good but was kind of rough and smelled really nice since I used the lemon citrus essential oils. But the first lip balm felt watery and kind of oily when I applied it to my lips so in the second trial I tried dialing down the amount of grapeseed oil and increased coconut oil because I thought it could make my lip balm more creamy. For the second trial, my mom liked it better since it was creamier and smoother than my first trial lip balm.
For the second trial, I used rose essential oils which had a lighter smell than lemon citrus so I used four drops of it.
For the next trial, I want to try to increase the coconut oil amount into 2g and decrease the shea butter amount to 1g to test out what difference it would make compared to the trial 2 lip balm. (Beeswax 1g, grapeseed oil 1g, shea butter 1g, coconut oil 2g, rose essential oils, 4 drops)

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