Lip Balm Trial 3

Lip Balm Recipe + Trials
For trial 3, I changed the amount of coconut oil to 2 grams to see what it would do to the texture of the lip balm, I thought it turned out too creamy. This time, for trial 4, I am going to change the amount of beeswax to 1.5g and the amount of coconut oil to 1.5g to test whether I like the texture or not.
During investigations 2 and 3, I found out that around 47-50 degrees Celcius is a good temperature to add in the essential oils since it would not solidify and is not warm enough to take away too much scent from the essential oils.
My mom tested out my third trial and compared it with my 2nd trial and said that my 2nd trial was better since my third trial was a little bit too thick and creamy.

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