Lip Balm Trial 4

Lip Balm Sharing Sheet

Lip Balm Recipe + Trials
For this trial, I changed the amount of beeswax and coconut oil, I dialed the coconut oil down from 2g to 1.5g and beeswax up from 1g to 1.5g.
I personally like this trial and trial 2 the best, currently, because I like their textures more, trial 2 is creamier and trial 4 is overall thicker when put on my hand but not oily or watery.
I think I will be changing the amount of beeswax from 1.5g to 1.25g and shea butter from 1g to 1.25g in trial 5 to see what it might do to the texture.
During this investigation, I accidentally added too much of the lemon essential oils to the lip balm (approximately 5 drops) so I reheated it and took it out until I liked the scent more and that it was more subtle.
We had also shared and received feedback from other people for the trials we individually made. This feedback affected my final decision for what I am going to change in trial 5 because I had noticed that people liked trial 2 and 4 best so I combined the recipes together to see what it will do to the consistency and texture of the lip balm.

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