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Science Habitat Project

  1. My biggest takeaway from 6th-grade science is that I learned about animals’ different relationships.
  2. For the next year in science, I really like this habitat project, so it would be great if I can learn more about it.

Our Story Makes History Project

For this unit, Our Stories Make History, I created primary sources and used different kinds of ways to record my experience during the coronavirus. I used Book Creator to organize my project because I can make it visually look good and I like how I can make a book-like project on the computer. People will know how it was like during the coronavirus after seeing my project. I think my timeline was the best because I like this way of writing down my experience. I think the collection of articles didn’t go well, because I think I’m still not that good at finding out if the article is fake or real.

Early humans and Us Project

This is my early humans and us project. In this project, we were supposed to make a thinglink bout how humans changed over time. Mine is about how jobs and the class status for women changed over time.

Our cup insulator

This is the cup insulator we made. For this project, we were supposed to make something that keeps the hot water from coming out of the cup, and not letting the cold air outside getting in. For our insulator, we chose foam and fabric because when our bodies touch those materials, it gets warmer and warmer because of the temperature of our body. for the lid, we added a layer of foil because when the vapor comes out, they would get on the foil and become water and drip down. But if it’s fabric or something else, the material would just absorb the vapor. And I am proud of all the things we thought of. Next time I would also put materials on the bottom of the cup, we didn’t plan that out. In this project, I learned what the word insulate means and what insulators are.

How do I Feel About Middle School?

I love how the galaxy looks and how it contains so much things. I really love Middle School because I also like how it looks and how it also contains so much things……And people.

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