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Percy Jackson: How does the positive relationships and ADHD give effect to Percy’s choices?


It is important to control their own emotions to make the right decisions. But there are some people who have struggled with it because of ADHD。 And need some support from their positive relationships for making the right decisions. People with ADHD are struggling with their concentrate skills, which is a person like Percy who is having struggles with ADHD. This piece of writing can give you the reasoning why positive relationships are important and at the same time, how do symptoms of ADHD give affect the Person’s choices with Percy’s experience.


What effect does a Positive relationship give to make the right decisions?

We can find that Positive relationships give effect to Percy’s choices when we see Pg. 3: “I’m going to kill her,” I mumbled. Grover tried to calm me down. “It’s okay, I like peanut butter.”

Also, on Pg. 29: “Her name is Sally Jackson, and she’s the best person in the world.” Continuing the quote on Pg. 29, On Pg. 32~33: “My mom is the nicest lady in the world. She should’ve been married to a millionaire, not to some jerk like Gabe. “My mother can make me feel good just by walking into the room” / “I was really glad to see her.”

At this point, we can find that a Positive relationship helps the person to calm down. According to the Article ‘Why personal relationships are important’, ‘Healthy relationships are a vital component of health and well-being. There is compelling evidence that strong relationships contribute to a long, healthy, and happy life. Conversely, the health risks from being alone or isolated in one’s life are comparable to the risks associated with cigarette smoking, blood pressure, and obesity.’

The reason the Positive relationship gives effect to Percy’s choices is that, for example on the pg. 3, Percy mumbled “I am going to kill her”, and Grover, which has a positive relationship with Percy, tried to calm down him. So, if Grover did not try to calm Percy down, Percy would have chosen to kill Nancy, a bad choice. So, the supporting offended by a caring friend (positive relationship) is important.

Linking the positive relationships to the topic, Positive relationships are impacting a large part of making good choices. People beside Percy help him to make good choices.


What effect does ADHD give to make the right decisions?

ADHD also gives effect to Percy’s choices. When we see page 5, ‘Nancy snickered something about a naked guy on the stele, and I turned around and said, “Will you shut up?”’. Also, on Pg. 17, When our English teacher, Mr. Nicoll, asked me for the millionth time why I was too lazy to study for spelling tests, I snapped. I called him an old sot I wasn’t even sure what it meant but it sounded good.

According to the article about ADHD named ‘Neurodiversity: A different view of ADHD’, ‘For some students, it is a challenge to pay attention in school. They try their best to focus, but they get easily distracted.’ ‘The doctor will also look for hyperactivity symptoms. Hyperactivity means being overly active. These symptoms include fidgeting, difficulty playing quietly, or waiting for a turn, and blurting out answers in class.

To make a connection with the article and Percy’s movement choices, for example, the quote on pg. 5, ‘Nancy snickered something about a naked guy on the stele, and said, “will you shut up?” It came out louder than I meant it to. The whole group laughed. Mr. Brunner stopped his story.’  We can know that Percy has blurted out during the class. And when Percy was getting detention with his English teacher, Percy was not paying attention to what his English teacher was speaking. He was thinking about the funny name for his English teacher. It means Percy is not interested in what his English teacher said and doing other things such as making funny nicknames. Relating to the article, Percy is having struggles with paying attention and easily distracted.

Linking ADHD to the topic, usually, someone has ADHD is very impulsive, that they shout out (blurting out) in the class, and hard to wait. And this affected Percy to blurt out something that makes other people hurt, without thinking.


So, does Percy has to live his whole life with ADHD? The answer is no. According to the article called ‘Neurodiversity: A different view of ADHD’, ‘ADHD is sometimes treated with medicine. Certain medications adjust the amounts of different chemicals in the brain. This can help improve focus and behavior. For some kids, these medicines can cause unwanted side effects.

Another treatment is behavioral therapy. In this kind of therapy, children and teens practice new ways to react when they feel distracted or fidgety.’ According to the article, Percy could improve his behavior when the teacher supports him. When we see the article, it says ‘People with ADHD also do their best in stimulating environments. They like to be outdoors and move their bodies.’ So, if Percy gets support from his teacher by doing lots of outdoor activities and making his interest in other subjects except for Ancient Greek, and also Latin, he could try his best and makes the highest grade in his life.




To control their own emotions are important for making the right decisions. But some people cannot do that. Lots of teenagers are struggling with ADHD and controlling their emotions. So, if there are some people struggling with ADHD, to have a positive relationship with them. It will help a lot for them to make the right decisions.

Percy Jackson

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5 Facts about wetland:

  1. A wetland is a place where the land is covered by water for some regular time.
  2. Wetland has the highest worth in the ECOSYSTEM because they provide lots of things for ocean animals and land animals. Not all but most of the animals can live on the wetland
  3. Without wetlands, cities have to spend more money to treat water for their citizens, floods are more devastating to nearby communities, storm surges from hurricanes can penetrate farther inland, animals are displaced or die out, and food supplies are disrupted, along with livelihoods
  4. Wetlands are one of the most productive ecosystems on the Earth
  5. Wetlands provide water and primary producers that many wild animals depend on for survival.

Animal living in Wetland

There are lots of animals living in the wetland. For example, frogs, migratory birds, fish, and wild goose.


Migratory bird:


Wild goose:

Limiting/Treating factors in wetland

There are some limiting factors in the ecosystem called a wetland. This is because of the human. Because there is an ocean, where they rest, is covered with oil. Not all the ocean polluted yet, but they will be also polluted soon. The reason why I am talking about the ocean is that there is a migratory bird living in wetland, but while they are staying in another place because they need to stay in a warm place, they get polluted, and there will be less migratory coming back to wetland, then the wetland which is important for everyone including human and animal’s food chain/food web will break down because there is less amount of birds to eat their (migratory bird’s) food, and there will be less food for the animal who eats migratory bird.


“Construct an explanation on what happens if a species leaves the food web in your habitat”

If one of the species leaves the food web in my habitat, I can replace it with another species right now. But if you suddenly eat a lot of it, you won’t even be able to eat it later, and if we do, I’ll have to find something else to eat, and if we do this over and over again, we’ll run out of food in the distant future (the food chain will break seriously).






Our Stories Make History-Reflection

    1. A one or two-sentence summary of the unit, “Our Stories Make History,” and the project you created.

I think it was not the project or the work I should do. I think this is a sort of writing a book.

2. Explain how you organized your project and why.

I think the keyword for the answer to this question is sincerity. I wrote my journal every day while I was doing this project,                          I have done all of my work on time. I think I was sincere in this project.

3. How might this primary source be useful to a historian, or even future 6th graders, in the future? What might they learn about/from your experience?

This source will be useful to some historians or future grade 6 because there is no guarantee that this or something similar will not happen in the future. So in the future, when this thing happens again, they can see/look at the work we have done so far, and understand and find the way how can we survive from this virus or something else.

4.  What do you think went well for you in this unit? (What are you most proud of?)

I am most proud of I tried my best, and I felt my skills of writing have improved by writing the diary every day.

5. What did you find challenging within this unit?

It was challenging for me that it was a bit hard for me to understand the instruction because I have never done some projects like OUR STORIES MAKE HISTORY. So, it was challenging for me.


My favorite thing-Sleeping

My favorite thing in the world is sleeping because when we sleep, we can charge our bodies. And also, while we are sleeping, we can have a dream. Sometimes it is not very good which means scary, but there are still good dreams such as play in the theme park and things like this.

There are some good points or maybe lots of good points for sleeping.

Firstly, if we are tired we can sleep, and while we are sleeping we need to close our eyes. When we close our eyes, the eyes can rest in our body, and the good point for this is that when we don’t let our eyes which is the most important thing in our body and used for the whole day, and if it goes to bad, we can lose our vision. Also, we can feel our eyes hurt, and we can see our eyes becoming the color of red.

Secondly, it is not proved by authorities, but if we sleep, we can recover our body by a simple virus such as fever. Coronavirus is some sort of fever plus Pneumonia, so let’s sleep and develop immunity! Let’s become a healthy person!

Finally, if we sleep our skin can become get better. So if we sleep we can have a babyface, and people will notice that we are very young. How happy thing is this! Sleeping is helpful for everywhere in our body.

If we sleep, we can look like young people. If we sleep, we can become healthy. If we sleep, we can get rest. What are you doing now, Quickly sleep!

History of human diet

My research question is ‘How did the form of food change from ancient to modern?‘ There is a lot of scientists who have discovered this question, and they finally figure out what has happened to the human diet. Let’s see what happened


The first human started farming in 8000B.C., Which is after the short Ice age. Starting farming brought a lot of changes in humans. First, they started to grow their food, so they reduced the hunting. Secondly, humans started settlement life. It was a good thing because if there was no food around them, they had to move to another place. The final thing is that usually when they farm something, the woman did plant.


If we grow something by ourselves, we need to make it something that we can eat. So, in 6000B.C., early humans also made food. The representative foods they made are cereals and bread.


After that, people were living in peace. But in 4000 B.C., there was a new kind of fruit borne. They were Lemons, bananas, limes, and oranges. Most of them were in India.


In 2000 B.C., there was new fruit borne in southern Africa. Which was wild watermelon?


In 1000 B.C., Chinese people cut ice and used it to keep the food fresh. It was good news for everybody, because they started to refrigerate the food, and they don’t have to eat rot food.


In 350 B.C., A Greek author writes a collection of recipes. It was the first cook recipes that made by people.


New vegetable has been discovered in 700 A.D., it was green beans and sweet corn. They were growing in the Americas, and at that time, popcorn was also invented and used.


In 850 A.D., coffee was discovered by an Arab goat. The owner of this Arab goat found that after the goat eats coffee beans, they were over-energetic, so the owner also tried it, and he also felt he was too energetic. So, he spread this information to people.


In 1657 A.D., the shop started to sell chocolate in London, and it was the first shop to sell chocolate. And they also sold hot chocolate.


In 1847 A.D., the new technology to store food has invented. The tin cans! Tin cans were first used to store food, and the inventor of this new technology was an English man, named peter.


In 1908 A.D., although people started to drink tea from ancient, there were a lot of uncomfortable things such as drink tea with tea leaves. So, one inventor invented the teabag, and it helped people to do not drink tea with tea leaves.


From 1940, it went just like modern times. No fun things, no interesting things, it went just like normal, except for there is a McDonald’s drive-in opened in United State.


This was my summary of the history of food, thank you for reading.



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