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Prototype – Smell Detector


This is my prototype. It is a micro-computer, I design it for no side panel, because I made it really detail and I want you to see this detail. Inside the case I try to restore the real PC, include Motherboard, CPU, GPU, Power Supply, 2 RAM Sticks, Hard Drive and AIO Water Cooling Fans.

This micro-computer is an attachment of monitor. It can stick on monitor’s back panel. after stick on it, you need connect this micro-computer to the monitor. if you finish these initialization, you can just turn on the micro-computer and the monitor, it will automatically do its setup and boot.

If the boot ends, micro-computer will wait for your instructions. Please don’t forget to bring a mouse, this micro-computer is essentially A computer and it needs a mouse to control it. monitor will display the choice you can do. after choose one section, the monitor will prompt you that it is performing section. Also, you can set multiple to-do sections for the micro-computer.


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