Circuits: Sewable Electronics Project II, CPX Design Reflection


Picture below is my final making for this project↓

I. Project

1. Why I choose to make it?

Because I am a gamer, and I love these Pcs, so I want to make a circuit pc(?).


2.What was it about the other designs that made you discard them?

Other Design are so difficult and I think I can’t finish them, So I just choose this one.


3.What are you most proud of for this product?

I made a lots of functions than my plan, in my play there is only 3 simple functions, but now I make 4 functions with more led effects.

II. learn

1.What was new to you?

I think that might be the The battery in battery pack. It looks like a normal disposable battery, but it can be recharged, which shocked me (ΩДΩ)


2.What things were hard for you, how did you overcome them?

Build that case. I used the fabric pad to build my pc case. but the main problem is I need to connect those pads, or it is not a “case”. I was trying to sew these pad on, but I give up.  there is so many stuffs I have to sew and I don’t have enough time to sew. if I sew it than I don’t have time to add some LEDs.


3.What tips would you give to next semester’s students?

Don’t give up things like me


4.What new things do you want to learn based on this project?

Use Code to Code and not that Scratch-like modules, it seems like those codes if for kids and not for 7-graders

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