Product Design: Leather Design Reflection



Questions of project:

I. How does ur final product solve your initial problem?

A: YES! Past few weeks I start using my mouse but I need a mouse pad to let mouse fully used, but it’s bothering me to bring a mouse pad. After I made this product I can totally not bring my mouse pad and use this product.

II. If you could start over from the beginning, what specifically would you change about your product?

A: Use some Super glueee

III. What are the most important features of your design?

A: Mouse pad attach on computer

IV. What’s a skill you learned  or improved on over the course of this project?

A: how to cut these leather accurately, because this product need to be cut really accurate, or it might be broken, or injured. so I have to cut out the part that is broken and let my final size of mouse pad smaller


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