this poem is kind of simple of the whole article


1 Push button make(s) you receive a payment


2 you are curious about it


3 but you are murder person


4 you’d push button


5 you kill your husband and receive life-insurance for 25000 with double indemnity

Push the button can receive payment for 500001, but also will murder a person3. The main character is curious on it(the button) and talk to her husband for all day2.

After main character’s consider, she pushed the button4 and killed her husband, her husband’s life insurance is $25000 with double indemnity.5 the main character really get the payment, but its husband’s life insurance. this poem/paragraph also want to tell people there is no free-getting stuff on the world. If you want to get stuff, you have to lose something no matter what is that thing.

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