making Lip Balm: T2





Q1: Is the smell good?

Q1: 闻起来好吗?


Q2: Is the Lip Balm soft?

Q2: 润唇膏是否足够柔软?


Q3: What is the effect after smear on hand?

Q3: 涂抹后的效果怎样?


Student 1: Sophie

A1. No, I don’t like lemon


A2. Yes, it’s soft


A3. Great, But I don’t like lemon



Student 3: William Chen

A1. Smells like lemon smell mixed with shampoo.


A2. Feels like Vaseline lotion, but harder.


A3. Pretty slimy and watery.



Student 4: Kevin

A1. The smell is so nice I love lemon


A2. its a little too hard


A3. the hand smells like lemon which is great but the thing is a little hard so you gotta rub it for a while










Materials list(New)

Coconut oil: 1.7g before: 1.5g

Beeswax: 1.1g before:1.0g 熔点:62~67°C(335~340K)

Shea butter: 2g 熔点:30~38°C(303~311K)

Maybe include: honey 0.2g before: not-added






1 spoon

3 glass beaker (2 80ml, 1 200 ml)

1 scale


Process of making lip balm:


  1. Put 2g shea butter, and 1.7g coconut oil to the beaker, mix them together.
  2. Put 1.1g Beeswax into the beaker filled with mix of shea butter and coconut oil.
  3. Place the small beaker(fill with mix of beeswax, shea butter and coconut oil) in to a larger beaker.
  4. Fill water in the bigger beaker and do not spill in the small beaker.
  5. Use Heater to melt the mix of shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax.
  6. After the mix is melt, close Heater, fill 0.2g Honey into the small beaker with mix(New), than take out the small beaker, and start fill the mix in to the Lip balm tube.
  7. Wait until the Lip Balm solidification

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