LightBox Reflection – Product Design

For my LightBox, I was challenged to create it, and add the place that is my thinking to my LightBox – A small City. This “Small” City is just for my Whimsical thinking, and it don’t have prototype.

As you see, My product has some little(or big?)  problems. Im gonna explain why these problems happen.

First, William, why your LED’s are just put with no cover???And where’s your paints????????????????????


The Answer is, I want to make my product like this. First, why I just put LED with no cover? I want this City to be like a Cities with heavy light pollution, and for no color. In this City, the only thing most citizens can do is work. In order to survive, they worked until 9pm. When they got home, they were very tired and couldn’t do anything. Because if you work very little, you can’t maintain your current life.

This city is a portrayal of many cities now. The light pollution is serious and there is no color in City. Everyday life is going to work and leaving get off work, and nothing. Life is not happy, Everyone is constantly working to survive. Everyday you wake up, you going to work every day, and get reprimand from your boss, and go home very late. You can’t do anything, you don’t have any time, you can’t feel enjoy and happy. It is good to have money, but sometimes it is not happy and worth at all, if these money used so many happiness and enjoy. But no one have choice to throw your work out, if you lost work you can’t get thing that let you survive. Even I add a sun to this small world, how many people in this world can always see it? So what I want to do is to portray some cities in today.

Also, When I was making this LightBox, I was thinking to make a bright City, but after a while I give up. The first version of this work did not have the sun because I thought that people in the city could not see the sun, so there was no need to add it. Later, I still added a sun to it. I want to ridicule those companies that have to work until 9 pm, maybe only their boss can see it. Squeezing your employees’ time to work for you can indeed increase the company’s profits, but if your company is large, these profits are enough. Why do you still do this? For more money? But what else can this money do?

Most layers made of Abode Illustrator. Creating specifically sized shapes, joining two shapes together, and image tracing/expanding are three examples, etc. New Skill √


Reflection of my Argumentative Essay

1.What you did well in your essay.

I write my essay clearly so you could know what am I saying

2.What you might like to improve.


3.Are there any areas where you marked yourself differently than Ms. Rivera? What are you thoughts?


4.What was the biggest challenge that you faced while researching, planning and writing this essay? How did you overcome this challenge?

writing, because I always planning good, but when I start my draft, it got terrible.


Lego Master Builders – Single Wheel Vehicle

A strange vehicle

Percy Jackson Information blog

About Percy Jackson, what does we know now? He is a half human half god, right? And he’s father is Poseidon.

Q: Why Percy’s mum don’t let Percy take air plane (On page 147 )?

A: Because, Poseidon’s bitterest rival is Zeus, who is the god of the sky. And Percy is Poseidon’s son, if he goes to the sky and he will never come back.

on page 154.(chapter 10) In this page we know, Percy is really famous for losing pens in School.  By reading the previous text, we also know that the pen Chiron gave Percy is a magic pen that can be turned into a sword. Will this time Percy still lose his pen? no. Chiron said this pen is enchanted. if Percy lost the pen, it will automatically turn back into Percy’s pocket. Yay! Let us congratulate Percy, he will never lose his pen again. in this page, the author’s purpose  is to let us know, The pen presented by Chiron is very powerful, which also shows that Percy was very reckless in school and always lost his own things.

Also start on chapter 2, when Percy killed Mrs.Dodds, he is confused until chapter 6. Whole chapter 2-6, nobody tells Percy any about such as Grover, Mrs.Dodds, Chiron(“Mr.Burunner”). After chapter 7, Percy just got it, he is a half-god.

On end of chapter 4, Percy’s mum died because of a monster. in this time he has to choose save mother(may died both) or run with Grover. in Document analysis Source 1, Recognizing and Managing Emotions, Percy need to control his emotions. need to stay cool and choose the right one. if he choose to save mother, he would died. and also the story will end only because Percy can’t control his emotions.