making Lip Balm: T2





Q1: Is the smell good?

Q1: 闻起来好吗?


Q2: Is the Lip Balm soft?

Q2: 润唇膏是否足够柔软?


Q3: What is the effect after smear on hand?

Q3: 涂抹后的效果怎样?


Student 1: Sophie

A1. No, I don’t like lemon


A2. Yes, it’s soft


A3. Great, But I don’t like lemon



Student 3: William Chen

A1. Smells like lemon smell mixed with shampoo.


A2. Feels like Vaseline lotion, but harder.


A3. Pretty slimy and watery.



Student 4: Kevin

A1. The smell is so nice I love lemon


A2. its a little too hard


A3. the hand smells like lemon which is great but the thing is a little hard so you gotta rub it for a while










Materials list(New)

Coconut oil: 1.7g before: 1.5g

Beeswax: 1.1g before:1.0g 熔点:62~67°C(335~340K)

Shea butter: 2g 熔点:30~38°C(303~311K)

Maybe include: honey 0.2g before: not-added






1 spoon

3 glass beaker (2 80ml, 1 200 ml)

1 scale


Process of making lip balm:


  1. Put 2g shea butter, and 1.7g coconut oil to the beaker, mix them together.
  2. Put 1.1g Beeswax into the beaker filled with mix of shea butter and coconut oil.
  3. Place the small beaker(fill with mix of beeswax, shea butter and coconut oil) in to a larger beaker.
  4. Fill water in the bigger beaker and do not spill in the small beaker.
  5. Use Heater to melt the mix of shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax.
  6. After the mix is melt, close Heater, fill 0.2g Honey into the small beaker with mix(New), than take out the small beaker, and start fill the mix in to the Lip balm tube.
  7. Wait until the Lip Balm solidification





2 in 3 student like the smell(lemon)

1 in 3 student think lip balm is soft enough

3 in 3 student like the effect after smear on hand


Needs prove: the soft & hard about lip balm. need to be more soft in making lip balm attempt 2.


Please keep: The effect.


Consider change: The smell. try another smell or mix of some.


this poem is kind of simple of the whole article


1 Push button make(s) you receive a payment


2 you are curious about it


3 but you are murder person


4 you’d push button


5 you kill your husband and receive life-insurance for 25000 with double indemnity

Push the button can receive payment for 500001, but also will murder a person3. The main character is curious on it(the button) and talk to her husband for all day2.

After main character’s consider, she pushed the button4 and killed her husband, her husband’s life insurance is $25000 with double indemnity.5 the main character really get the payment, but its husband’s life insurance. this poem/paragraph also want to tell people there is no free-getting stuff on the world. If you want to get stuff, you have to lose something no matter what is that thing.

Product Design: Leather Design Reflection



Questions of project:

I. How does ur final product solve your initial problem?

A: YES! Past few weeks I start using my mouse but I need a mouse pad to let mouse fully used, but it’s bothering me to bring a mouse pad. After I made this product I can totally not bring my mouse pad and use this product.

II. If you could start over from the beginning, what specifically would you change about your product?

A: Use some Super glueee

III. What are the most important features of your design?

A: Mouse pad attach on computer

IV. What’s a skill you learned  or improved on over the course of this project?

A: how to cut these leather accurately, because this product need to be cut really accurate, or it might be broken, or injured. so I have to cut out the part that is broken and let my final size of mouse pad smaller


Circuits: Sewable Electronics Project II, CPX Design Reflection


Picture below is my final making for this project↓

I. Project

1. Why I choose to make it?

Because I am a gamer, and I love these Pcs, so I want to make a circuit pc(?).


2.What was it about the other designs that made you discard them?

Other Design are so difficult and I think I can’t finish them, So I just choose this one.


3.What are you most proud of for this product?

I made a lots of functions than my plan, in my play there is only 3 simple functions, but now I make 4 functions with more led effects.

II. learn

1.What was new to you?

I think that might be the The battery in battery pack. It looks like a normal disposable battery, but it can be recharged, which shocked me (ΩДΩ)


2.What things were hard for you, how did you overcome them?

Build that case. I used the fabric pad to build my pc case. but the main problem is I need to connect those pads, or it is not a “case”. I was trying to sew these pad on, but I give up.  there is so many stuffs I have to sew and I don’t have enough time to sew. if I sew it than I don’t have time to add some LEDs.


3.What tips would you give to next semester’s students?

Don’t give up things like me


4.What new things do you want to learn based on this project?

Use Code to Code and not that Scratch-like modules, it seems like those codes if for kids and not for 7-graders

Reflection of Prototype – Product Design

Prototype – Smell Detector


This is my prototype. It is a micro-computer, I design it for no side panel, because I made it really detail and I want you to see this detail. Inside the case I try to restore the real PC, include Motherboard, CPU, GPU, Power Supply, 2 RAM Sticks, Hard Drive and AIO Water Cooling Fans.

This micro-computer is an attachment of monitor. It can stick on monitor’s back panel. after stick on it, you need connect this micro-computer to the monitor. if you finish these initialization, you can just turn on the micro-computer and the monitor, it will automatically do its setup and boot.

If the boot ends, micro-computer will wait for your instructions. Please don’t forget to bring a mouse, this micro-computer is essentially A computer and it needs a mouse to control it. monitor will display the choice you can do. after choose one section, the monitor will prompt you that it is performing section. Also, you can set multiple to-do sections for the micro-computer.


LightBox Reflection – Product Design

For my LightBox, I was challenged to create it, and add the place that is my thinking to my LightBox – A small City. This “Small” City is just for my Whimsical thinking, and it don’t have prototype.

As you see, My product has some little(or big?)  problems. Im gonna explain why these problems happen.

First, William, why your LED’s are just put with no cover???And where’s your paints????????????????????


The Answer is, I want to make my product like this. First, why I just put LED with no cover? I want this City to be like a Cities with heavy light pollution, and for no color. In this City, the only thing most citizens can do is work. In order to survive, they worked until 9pm. When they got home, they were very tired and couldn’t do anything. Because if you work very little, you can’t maintain your current life.

This city is a portrayal of many cities now. The light pollution is serious and there is no color in City. Everyday life is going to work and leaving get off work, and nothing. Life is not happy, Everyone is constantly working to survive. Everyday you wake up, you going to work every day, and get reprimand from your boss, and go home very late. You can’t do anything, you don’t have any time, you can’t feel enjoy and happy. It is good to have money, but sometimes it is not happy and worth at all, if these money used so many happiness and enjoy. But no one have choice to throw your work out, if you lost work you can’t get thing that let you survive. Even I add a sun to this small world, how many people in this world can always see it? So what I want to do is to portray some cities in today.

Also, When I was making this LightBox, I was thinking to make a bright City, but after a while I give up. The first version of this work did not have the sun because I thought that people in the city could not see the sun, so there was no need to add it. Later, I still added a sun to it. I want to ridicule those companies that have to work until 9 pm, maybe only their boss can see it. Squeezing your employees’ time to work for you can indeed increase the company’s profits, but if your company is large, these profits are enough. Why do you still do this? For more money? But what else can this money do?

Most layers made of Abode Illustrator. Creating specifically sized shapes, joining two shapes together, and image tracing/expanding are three examples, etc. New Skill √