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Humanities Thinglink Early Human Project William Wang 6.8 humanities class

Please enjoy my Thinglink project.

Science Insulator Project

This worked because it uses foil to cover the layer and use the wool to trap heat, the middle part which is the foam sheet can make it hard which is not that bendy and wiggly.

  1.  I am proud of the insulator we made, and how it can trap heat well.
  2.  I would make the body part differently which can fit exactly. and the hole for a drink will be better. I will also add a hole at the lid for the thermometer.
  3. This is good for our community because that we can make the water warmer, and people will drink warmer water so they don’t get sick
  4. it was hard when we use the hot glue, cause I might get burned.
  5. the quality of the insulator is great, it makes the water a little cooler so you don’t get burned, and it looks good too.

Science Blog Reflection

Blog Post Reflection  

Why is engineering important? 

Because humans need engineering for our building and technology, also engineering is a job.

What was your challenge?  

When building the filter system, it is very challenging, because the prototype is very fragile. 


Why did you choose that design?  

Because before I also did a filter system, so I just copy the prototype from before.

How does it work? 

So, first the water goes through the pipe with a cotton ball in it, then it goes rocks on the top, then the water comes through the nylon and metal thing after it goes through pebbles. After that it is cotton balls, then it is the metal and nylon again, and done. 


Was your design successful?  

It was kind of successful, but the water all got sucks away by the cotton ball, so there is very less water, but the water is clean. 


How might you change your apparatus if had the opportunity? (If no redesign) 

Make the bottle balancer and slip the cotton ball into half. In the pipe. 


(If redesign) Was your redesign successful?  

I did not have a chance 

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