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Argumentative essay Plastic Ban

Plastic Ban 

Plastic, the most common material in our life, we use it at furniture, tools, and all kind of things, but is using plastic gives us any good? Of course, I can’t say there is none, but the bad part of it is way more than the good part. We should ban single-use plastic because it produces produce pollution, and is harmful to endangered speciesScientists predict base on the statics now, in 2050, plastic in the ocean will be more than the number of fish, there will be 937 million tons of plastic and only 895 million tons of fish in our ocean, and later on, our world. Imagine scuba diving seeing not fish but all plastic. 

Single-use plastic is completely filling up our ocean. The greatest garbage patch ever, in the pacific ocean- The Plastic island. It contains over 80,00 tons of garbage, and 99.99% of it is all plastic. It covers over 1.6 million square kilometers; 3 times as large as France. This is already a huge amount of garbage, and we are still producing more and more plastics. One day soon, it might even become the size of Canada. Does use humans want that? Burning single-use releases Dioxins, Farrans, Mercuries, and BCPs into the atmosphere, These poisonous gas threaten vegetable, animal, and even human health. With this gas, they will slowly break down the Ozone Layer. A great example is the south pole destruction is caused by these poisonous gases. Single-use plastic just creates too many pollutions that harm our global life, banning it will be a wise decision. 

Single-use Plastic has an enormous negative effect on lots of animals, Over 1 million marine animals die every year from plastic pollutions, Over the past 1 minute, about 20 marine animals died of it. Plastics was thought as food, not only to marine animals; eagles, fish, turtles and all kind of different animals. Imammals ate plastic, and make it into milk for their kids. When giving milk to their baby, the baby might also absorb the toxic inside the milk. A UK study shows that 100% died animals on the UK coast died from a cause of ingested plastic. Plastic can’t be digested by their digestive system, Some of it would stick in their bodies and slowly kills them; Some only absorb the toxic part of the plastic and get poisoned to death. Peoples often say that killing animals is cruel, but they don’t know that they are murdering animals every day, once you toss a single-use plastic into the nonre-cycled bin, one animal might die.  

Others might say banning single-use plastic might influence the flow of the economy. But in contrast, environmental damaging is worse. “Economy relies on the planet’s ability to provide resources and the necessities of life if the pollutions we produce is reducing to do that, it becomes catastrophic for the economy. A good economy efficiently uses the resources our planet is giving us. For example, Dubai has a great flow of economy because they effectively use the gasoline they have to do good trade to keep them rich. If the environment is damaged and gasoline is all gone, Dubai would be way poorer than now. A good environment would attract more tourists for tourism, with that, the government gets money from it. A good economy is not a plastic bag flying everywhere and all dead animals on the coastline. 

Lots of nations are already banning the use of single-use plastic. They start to notice how harmful it is and it is damaging our society and governments. Not only producing pollutions and harmful to animals. It would take one million years to dissolve a plastic bag in soil. Those plastics we throw in the non-recycled bins will stay on our land company your grandson and grand-grandson. Over 40 nations together with municipalities around the globe have instituted single-use plastic bans. And slowly every other nation. 

Smell Dex


I inspired this from a Poke Dex, and this smell dictator is called a Smell Dex. It absorbs smell from the top camera like thing and these wooden little piece outside beside the big wooden circle and the one under the left screen. After absorbing smells, it starts to process in the dex, and after down processing, the data will show on the two screens; it would tell you what is the smell and where it is. these buttons and control the screen and the dex, on is an on-off button, one is controlling the thing to move around, there is also a refreshing button. There Is a charger. And these are flippable so that it is able to be 2 screens or 1 screen. With the little foam line under the left screen, you can put a small disk(made by the same company) to listen to music.

Design Lightbox Reflection

For our first Product Design unit, we were challenged to create a lightbox featuring the landscape of a place that’s special to us – one that we couldn’t visit because of COVID. For my lightbox, I chose to make a   whistler, because suppose to ski over there this winter.

I faced several challenges during my lightbox creation. One big challenge was estimating my lightbox layer because I thought my lightbox is capable to fit about 10 layers, but when I am done with all planning and tried to fit it in, it comes out from the lightbox. So I have to replan all of the blockers and the layers.

Something I would like to change about my lightbox is that next time is I could design my lightbox more rigid, and paint it more carefully. Because for my tree layers, I broke my trees lots of time, and I would always use wood glue to glues it back, some work, some don’t. So for next time, I would like to make the ree trunk thicker. For my town layer, I would like to change the ways of painting it, and change the color to a darker color cause wood is usually brown.

I learned lots of skills during creating lightbox, mostly creating stuff in Adobe Illustrator. The main thing I learned was making shapes and combining 2 shapes into 1. Also making the curved corners and cutting rectangle without breaking the whole thing.

When making my lightbox, I changed a lot of stuff when creating it. For example, I used to the thought of putting my lightbox on the top, but it’s a bit too messy, so I have to put it behind the mountain to let it look better. I also changed the amount of spacer on the layers.

Humanties Newsela Summary

1. Happiness is not based on laziness, it is based on positive.
2. Happiness is the key to success.
3. Money is not the key to Happiness
4. We hope others to be happy

Being happy is more than just a feeling. It can affect many parts of our life, and Happiness is not based on laziness, it is based on being positive. Happiness id the key to success, but money and success is not the key to happiness. We all hope others to be happy

Coronavirus: Our Sotry Makes History Final Project

This unit we have been working on the past few months, and the main point is to let others learn how a six-grader past through the Coronavirus. We added lots of primary sources such as Timeline, Collage, and Writing journeys. I used Thinglink for my final project and added one more about Ranking Three Sources, I used Thinglink because I am really good at it, and I found it easy to click open each project. This primary source can be useful to a. historian for telling them what I have been doing the virus, and what we learned during the coronaviruses, and what we do to keep us busy. One thing that went well in this unit was when I was creating the Thinglink because I know how to use it, so I can do it very fast. And something that was difficult was at first, because of I didn’t know how to do the collage and the Timeline, so I quit doing the “Our Story Making History” Until April, Mr. Hinton contact with me, and finally, I cached all the work, but I can’t do the Journey.

Humanities Thinglink Early Human Project William Wang 6.8 humanities class

Please enjoy my Thinglink project.

Science Insulator Project

This worked because it uses foil to cover the layer and use the wool to trap heat, the middle part which is the foam sheet can make it hard which is not that bendy and wiggly.

  1.  I am proud of the insulator we made, and how it can trap heat well.
  2.  I would make the body part differently which can fit exactly. and the hole for a drink will be better. I will also add a hole at the lid for the thermometer.
  3. This is good for our community because that we can make the water warmer, and people will drink warmer water so they don’t get sick
  4. it was hard when we use the hot glue, cause I might get burned.
  5. the quality of the insulator is great, it makes the water a little cooler so you don’t get burned, and it looks good too.

Science Blog Reflection

Blog Post Reflection  

Why is engineering important? 

Because humans need engineering for our building and technology, also engineering is a job.

What was your challenge?  

When building the filter system, it is very challenging, because the prototype is very fragile. 


Why did you choose that design?  

Because before I also did a filter system, so I just copy the prototype from before.

How does it work? 

So, first the water goes through the pipe with a cotton ball in it, then it goes rocks on the top, then the water comes through the nylon and metal thing after it goes through pebbles. After that it is cotton balls, then it is the metal and nylon again, and done. 


Was your design successful?  

It was kind of successful, but the water all got sucks away by the cotton ball, so there is very less water, but the water is clean. 


How might you change your apparatus if had the opportunity? (If no redesign) 

Make the bottle balancer and slip the cotton ball into half. In the pipe. 


(If redesign) Was your redesign successful?  

I did not have a chance 

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