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Capstone Video about pollution

<iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”https://web.microsoftstream.com/embed/video/3b1e24d7-ba7e-487a-ab92-9a8a5512c853?autoplay=false&showinfo=true” allowfullscreen style=”border:none;”></iframe>

This video is talking about the water pollution around the world, and several ways that it will harm the ecosystem. Also some ways to solve the problem.

Product design food waste summative 2

Things that I have learned through out this topic of learning is that when I’m doing things, we need to be always start from the inside, If I do the outside first, then the inside part would be hard to stick on. When I was doing this product, it takes me for a long time to stick the card broad which divide the whole box in two.

My biggest success is that I was able to build the whole things out when I actually start to build it.

Something that I learned about myself is that, some times I got frustrated when something is hard to build, for the part where I have to stick the card broad which divides the whole tube in two, I got really mad because it is hard to keep both way of the card broad stick on to the tube. So I decided to rest for a minute and then I finish the  thing with a good mood.

I think my prototype really reflect on to the real world because if I actually build my product and add the electrical piston to the product, it would actually be working.

Overall i think my prototype was quite successful because it looks exactly like the prototype that I have draw because all the things that the model I have drawn.

I think I still can improve my prototype by drawing some labels or pictures on the inside of the prototype to make the product even more real.

Water pollution essay

This essay is basically talking about how the water pollution  have caused a serious impact to the earth, human beings and the ecosystem. The SDG from me also reflect on people must have the clean water to drink and use.

American Revolution Journal

American Revolution

In this video, we will be including the major event, important character, and the impact that the American revolution has brought to us.

Non-fiction summative

My book is called the”BOMBS” , this book is mainly talk about, at the end of WW2, countries are trying to use atomic weapons to end the war. Although this might make them defeat other countries, but they didn’t realized the damage that the atomic weapons would cause to the worlds land. Now the Soviet and British spy is going to the German to find out how many weapons does they have and what are the actions that they will take to deal with the war.

Hum Booktalk(THUG)

In this book talk I will be introducing about the THUG book which is introducing about the racism in USA. The main character starr, her friend got killed by a white cop. She was trying to stand up for her self and all the black people.


Found poem

This founded poem was about a short story that I have just read called “Thank You Ma’m” by Langston Hughes. The story tells a story about a boy was trying to steal a rich women’s purse. The purse was too heavy for the boy so he tripped over, the women ask the boy why the boy stole his purse, the boy said that he wants to buy food to eat, the women said that I will bring you home and give you some food to eat, here is the place where the internal conflict come in, the women choose to bring a stranger who wants to stole her purse home, she choose to be kind.. When they have arrived the women’s house the women give some food to the boy and let him take a shower. She told the boy, when I was young, I want things that I couldn’t get, but I never stole other people’s stuff. At the end of the story, the boy was grateful, and he said Thank you Ma’m in his mind。



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