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American Revolution Journal

American Revolution

In this video, we will be including the major event, important character, and the impact that the American revolution has brought to us.

Non-fiction summative

My book is called the”BOMBS” , this book is mainly talk about, at the end of WW2, countries are trying to use atomic weapons to end the war. Although this might make them defeat other countries, but they didn’t realized the damage that the atomic weapons would cause to the worlds land. Now the Soviet and British spy is going to the German to find out how many weapons does they have and what are the actions that they will take to deal with the war.

Hum Booktalk(THUG)

In this book talk I will be introducing about the THUG book which is introducing about the racism in USA. The main character starr, her friend got killed by a white cop. She was trying to stand up for her self and all the black people.

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