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bookmark design

I choose to make a bookmark because I think a bookmark is more useful than a pin. I choose this design is because the bird and cat is my pet and its name is blueberry and fishball. whenever I look at it I felt comfortable. Whenever I use this bookmark I felt like my cat and my bird is always with me. The part I like the most about this project is the blue LED because it’s cool. I think the hardest thing for this project is finishing it because I need to make 2 animals and 2 flours so it’s really hard. One thing I would like to suggest the students for the next semester is when you want to trace a shape on the felt you should trace it oppositely so that you can’t see the mark of the pencil on the front.

Early Human Communication(Language)

This is my poster of the early human communication, about how language change over time.


<iframe width=”564″ height=”504″ data-original-width=”564″ data-original-height=”504″ src=”https://www.thinglink.com/card/1272080620230541313″ type=”text/html” frameborder=”0″ webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen scrolling=”no”></iframe><script async src=”//cdn.thinglink.me/jse/responsive.js”></script>

Cardboard Arcade Reflection


This is our cardboard Arcade that we had created, During the design class .

Thing I success is we made the game really fun and we also made few changes relate to the idea we been gave . Also it look better than I thought . Before I didn’t think we will finish but we did. And me and Rachel work well .

My biggest obstacle was we don’t have much time to make our game more fun . And I think I have to receive others idea .  I think some times receiving idea from others is important it may make your game better.

Skills I had learn is how to cut cardboard more quickly and to made my thinking became real , also teamwork . The thing I want to change is the collar of our  game because  it will be better if we have collars on .

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