A new book

The process for creating our personal narratives required many steps. First, we needed to come up with a moment to wright about. My mind immediately went to my dog. I began thinking of things that scared me that he did. I thought of times that showed my fear of loosing him, but that didn’t work.  Next I thought of the personal narrative I had written the year before. It was about me and my friend creating films and movies. I called it: Makin’ Movies. I like to make music, I thought. So thats how it came to be.

I struggled with my draft. For the first 2 classes I only had one paragraph. But eventually, I had a draft. I wrote about all the attempts I made to try and create a song. But it needed to be better.

Than, the final edits came in. I changed words, I added commas, took away commas, I even added an entire paragraph. I struggled with types of sentences. I just couldn’t tell them apart. But with Ms. Julies help, I figured it out.

I think I did really well with my word choice. It was just that I really liked the sound of all my interesting words. One example is: Instead of saying: Then the idea came to me. I said: Then, the light bulb appeared. I think its great.

Thank you, hope you liked my story.