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Our Stories Make History

During this unit of, our stories make history, we had to create a series of projects and than add them all into one project for our final presentation. Today I will right a full reflection of everything I did for this project.

I started with the collage I made, I decided to make an iMovie to put all my project into. I wanted to put in some music, but that didn’t go well because of technical problems. Than, I added my articles, I found three of my favorite ones. Next, I put in my journal entries. Finally, I added my story I wrote. Once I was done, I mixed up the order a bit.

I believe this is useful because in the future, people can look back at this and be thankful that this is over. They can learn what we did, and how we handled it.

I believe what went the most well, was creating the story I wrote. It wasn’t to hard, but wasn’t to easy. Also, it was very fun to make.

What I found challenging was when I tried to add music to my add my iMovie. Garage band kept messing up, and it was difficult to make the music on my own.

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  1. I like the general idea of using music in your project.
    One thing you could do next time is go find some uncopyrighted music instead 😀

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