Everyone has days, not so great days, that could’ve been better with just a little advice. Percy Jackson has these days too. Percy would live a much more fulfilling life if was given advice to, have a growth mindset, manage his emotions, and get more friends.

Percy will be more successful if he learns to have a growth mindset. On page 12 he said, “At least, I hoped that for once I wouldn’t get in trouble.” This shows that he does not believe in himself and his ability to not cause trouble, therefore he does not try anymore. If he did try, he could be more successful on this front. He could use advice from the article titled Why Your Mindset Matters. “Dweck’s team taught those middle schoolers about mindset and how the brain works. They talked about the dangers of calling people dumb or smart. And they discovered that, with some work, kids can choose to have a growth mindset and do better in school.” If Percy thought of this, he could support himself more in these types of situations. When he begins to do this, he will learn to have a better mindset which will lead him to a much more successful life.

Also, Percy will be a happier person if he can manage his emotions well. Percy admits he is a troubled kid and has some bad behavior. This could be because he cannot manage his emotions well which makes it harder for him to have good behavior. An article on recognizing and managing emotions said he could “Take some time to notice his emotional responses and consider what might be behind them, whether values, memories or experiences.” If he does this, he can control his actions and know when he needs to calm down. He could learn this and with his emotions better, he will be a happier person.

Finally, Percy will live a better life if he can make good friends. The article titled, “Why Personal Relationships are Important,” goes over reasons that friends are important. In the article, one of the sections is titled “Dealing with Stress,” this could help Percy survive with all the pressure on him. On page 13 of Percy Jackson, Percy talks about how at that moment, Grover is his only friend. While, obviously Grover is a good friend for him, one friend isn’t enough for someone who goes through a lot of stress like Percy. If he was less stressed, he could focus more in life. If Percy had more friends, he would live a much better life.

All of this could be used by Percy in many ways. If he had a growth mindset, managed his emotions, and made more friends, he could live a much better life. This info can help all middle schoolers, to fulfill their lives.

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