Poem Explanation:

My story was titled, “Tuesday of the Other June,” by Norma Fox Mazer. It was about a girl, named June, who goes to school one day, to meet a girl also named June. The “Other June,” believes that they can’t both be named June, so she decides to give her mean names, like “Fish Eyes.”
The main conflict in this story, is an external, person vs. person, type conflict. I know this, because June, and the “Other June,” are constantly battling each other for the right to use their name.
My poem, “Fish Eyes,” is about the name the “Other June,” gives June. I tried to depot how hurtful it was for June.
At the bottom of the poem, I drew a fish, because of the title and conflict, “Fish Eyes.”
I put a few drawings in the poem, like a fish, with big eyes at the bottom of the page. Also, I decided to color my title, orange and blue, because I imagined a gold fish when I thought of “Fish Eyes.” I didn’t make any particular choice with the background, but I did choose to keep a yellow back to the text, to make it pop.

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