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Rags to Riches: The French Revolution

This journal follows the perspective of a French lawyer named Alfred Roux. He pushed for reform as revolutionary ideals grow in France and is a radical supporter of the removal of King Louis XVI. For most of the Revolution, he stands alongside famous revolutionary faces such as Robespierre and Marquis de Lafayette. This changes however after the Revolutionary Government proves to be just as oppressive as the one before.

It is easy to say that the French Revolution did not accomplish much. This seems to be a common conclusion but I disagree with this. During the French Revolution, one dictator was replaced with another, and that dictator was replaced with another. In the end, it is true that not many reforms came over France however it paved the way for modern European democracy. France was one of the first nations to abolish its monarchy in that era of the world. It showed other nations that absolutist kings and queens were ending and democracy was beginning. The world would not be the same without the French Revolution, and our lives would be very different, likely for the worse.

The French Revolution in Plain English

The French Revolution saw great liberalization and reformation in France… for about a year before things went south once again. While yes, it did see the end of the brutality of the French monarchy, the following government was not much better. France continued to see its people oppressed until eventually, things went full circle and the monarchy was restored. The French Revolution accomplished very little in the grand scheme of things. This is the French Revolution, in Plain English…

Book Club Final Assessment: Bomb

The book that I read over this unit, was Bomb. Bomb is a book about the process in which we made the first nuclear bombs during WW2. For the most part, it follows the work of Robert Oppenheimer. Oppenheimer was one of the first American physicists who began studies on atom splitting. He ended up being the one to build the first nuclear bomb.
This book explores many different themes. One I found was, WW2 was a time of competition over mass destruction, not world peace. Another could be, Non-proliferation of nuclear weapons should be accepted.

The first page of notes was chosen because it shows how ignorant people were in the earlier stages of developing these bombs. They only saw the power that they could gain with these weapons, and not the destruction that they could cause. This is one of the many themes that this book follows.

The second page of notes was chosen because it is essentially a summary of the book, and it shows how the course of events led to one another. It shows the dangerous, and probably predictable, cause and effect. On some other pages, I mention how in the book they are speaking about the possibilities of what they were making. This meant that they knew what they were creating, and continued with this ignorance anyway.

The third page of notes was chosen because it circles around what I believe to be the main theme. “WW2 was a time of competition over mass destruction, not world peace.” I did my best to give evidence supporting this theme, and I think that this is my best page of notes. Over the course of the book, the people in it realize more and more what they are truly doing, but the realization of how much power they truly have doesn’t hit in time.

Book Talk-The Sun Is Also A Star

Book Talk-The Sun Is Also A Star By: Nicola Yoon

This book was set in New York, over the span of one day. Natasha and Daniel meet in their most uncertain times. One of them believes it is fate, but the other just thinks it is chance because she knows it will not end with them together. Despite this, they work together to create their extremely brief relationship, even with the knowledge, that it won’t work.

Are You a Renaissance Humanist?

My total score was 80%. I believe this is because I am curious, and think that everyone has equal value. These are two main ideas of humanism. The lowest of the scores, is #2. I think this is because I believe it is better to create new ideas, rather than improve on older ones. I think you should move forward, rather than look to the past.

This is why I scored what I did. I would say that I am, a renaissance humanist.

Fish Eyes

Poem Explanation:

My story was titled, “Tuesday of the Other June,” by Norma Fox Mazer. It was about a girl, named June, who goes to school one day, to meet a girl also named June. The “Other June,” believes that they can’t both be named June, so she decides to give her mean names, like “Fish Eyes.”
The main conflict in this story, is an external, person vs. person, type conflict. I know this, because June, and the “Other June,” are constantly battling each other for the right to use their name.
My poem, “Fish Eyes,” is about the name the “Other June,” gives June. I tried to depot how hurtful it was for June.
At the bottom of the poem, I drew a fish, because of the title and conflict, “Fish Eyes.”
I put a few drawings in the poem, like a fish, with big eyes at the bottom of the page. Also, I decided to color my title, orange and blue, because I imagined a gold fish when I thought of “Fish Eyes.” I didn’t make any particular choice with the background, but I did choose to keep a yellow back to the text, to make it pop.

Links for More Info on the Story:



Argumentative Essay Re-Take

Governments have taxed sugars for many years, because it has had many benefits. Some of those benefits are, drastically lowering obesity and diabetes cases, it would lower sugar consumption, and invests in government costs. Many people are against this, but they need to understand these incredible benefits, and the opposite would have only negative effects.

Firstly, taxing sugar lowers obesity and diabetes cases. Obesity and diabetes are very dangerous, much more dangerous than you might think, and are steadily growing in cases. Tax on sugary drinks raises prices by 20%, which would discourage people from poisoning themselves with too much sugar.

Second, sugar tax lowers sugar consumption. Yearly, one average person will consume 152 pounds of sugar, 3 pounds a week, and 41 tsp a day. With a higher cost in sugar, people will not want to buy as much sugar as this, lowering their daily amount to their daily recommended amount.

Lastly, sugar tax can invest money into government costs. You may say that an extra 20% is too expensive. But 20% costs of a twirler pack, is only an extra 11¢, and that 11¢ goes to the good causes. Ending this tax will give the government even more of a financial problem, when they already have a big one.

The government taxes sugar, because doing this drastically lowering obesity and diabetes cases, it would lower sugar consumption, and invests in government costs. Stopping this could turn a lovely treat (That can’t be beat) into the not so lovely enemy.

5 Paragraph – Percy Jackson Blogpost

Everyone has days, not so great days, that could’ve been better with just a little advice. Percy Jackson has these days too. Percy would live a much more fulfilling life if was given advice to, have a growth mindset, manage his emotions, and get more friends.

Percy will be more successful if he learns to have a growth mindset. On page 12 he said, “At least, I hoped that for once I wouldn’t get in trouble.” This shows that he does not believe in himself and his ability to not cause trouble, therefore he does not try anymore. If he did try, he could be more successful on this front. He could use advice from the article titled Why Your Mindset Matters. “Dweck’s team taught those middle schoolers about mindset and how the brain works. They talked about the dangers of calling people dumb or smart. And they discovered that, with some work, kids can choose to have a growth mindset and do better in school.” If Percy thought of this, he could support himself more in these types of situations. When he begins to do this, he will learn to have a better mindset which will lead him to a much more successful life.

Also, Percy will be a happier person if he can manage his emotions well. Percy admits he is a troubled kid and has some bad behavior. This could be because he cannot manage his emotions well which makes it harder for him to have good behavior. An article on recognizing and managing emotions said he could “Take some time to notice his emotional responses and consider what might be behind them, whether values, memories or experiences.” If he does this, he can control his actions and know when he needs to calm down. He could learn this and with his emotions better, he will be a happier person.

Finally, Percy will live a better life if he can make good friends. The article titled, “Why Personal Relationships are Important,” goes over reasons that friends are important. In the article, one of the sections is titled “Dealing with Stress,” this could help Percy survive with all the pressure on him. On page 13 of Percy Jackson, Percy talks about how at that moment, Grover is his only friend. While, obviously Grover is a good friend for him, one friend isn’t enough for someone who goes through a lot of stress like Percy. If he was less stressed, he could focus more in life. If Percy had more friends, he would live a much better life.

All of this could be used by Percy in many ways. If he had a growth mindset, managed his emotions, and made more friends, he could live a much better life. This info can help all middle schoolers, to fulfill their lives.

https://newsela.com/read/lib-mindset-matters/id/39807/?search_id=63556de2-3f9a-4aa1-95a7-3152a0f824e7 https://www.skillsyouneed.com/ps/managing-emotions.html https://www.takingcharge.csh.umn.edu/why-personal-relationships-are-important iBooks- Percy Jackson and the Lightning Theif

Happiness Summary

Happiness is more than just smiling, you need to feel happy. Being happy makes you a better person. The more you force yourself to be happy, it will have more negative effects than positive ones.

Our Stories Make History

During this unit of, our stories make history, we had to create a series of projects and than add them all into one project for our final presentation. Today I will right a full reflection of everything I did for this project.

I started with the collage I made, I decided to make an iMovie to put all my project into. I wanted to put in some music, but that didn’t go well because of technical problems. Than, I added my articles, I found three of my favorite ones. Next, I put in my journal entries. Finally, I added my story I wrote. Once I was done, I mixed up the order a bit.

I believe this is useful because in the future, people can look back at this and be thankful that this is over. They can learn what we did, and how we handled it.

I believe what went the most well, was creating the story I wrote. It wasn’t to hard, but wasn’t to easy. Also, it was very fun to make.

What I found challenging was when I tried to add music to my add my iMovie. Garage band kept messing up, and it was difficult to make the music on my own.

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