In this unit in PD we created a Bluetooth speaker. We had to find an aesthetic style for our speaker. I was inspired when I saw another student’s speaker shaped like a milk carton. I chose a Milk aesthetic.

What aspect of this speaker are you most proud of?

I am most proud of my ability to use a creative aesthetic/style/inspiration and use it well. As I mentioned, my aesthetic was “Milk”. I found this on a long list of aesthetics and it sounded exactly like what I was looking for. I quickly came up with many strong ideas and was able to end with what I believe to be a strong product.

What’s a skill you learned or improved on over the course of this project?

Masking. Masking is a skill that helps you more accurately paint your speaker. It involves covering the area you want to paint with tape and cutting a hole in the tape to use as a stencil. It sounds like an obvious method, but I hadn’t thought of using it and was a little reluctant. As soon as I used it I realized how helpful it was, and the extra work was worth it.

If you could start over from the beginning, what specifically would you change about your product?

I think I could have been a little more creative with color. I only ended up using white and black, but most of my inspiration material recommended also using blue, pink, and brown in the form of pastels.