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Book Club Final Assessment: Bomb

The book that I read over this unit, was Bomb. Bomb is a book about the process in which we made the first nuclear bombs during WW2. For the most part, it follows the work of Robert Oppenheimer. Oppenheimer was one of the first American physicists who began studies on atom splitting. He ended up being the one to build the first nuclear bomb.
This book explores many different themes. One I found was, WW2 was a time of competition over mass destruction, not world peace. Another could be, Non-proliferation of nuclear weapons should be accepted.

The first page of notes was chosen because it shows how ignorant people were in the earlier stages of developing these bombs. They only saw the power that they could gain with these weapons, and not the destruction that they could cause. This is one of the many themes that this book follows.

The second page of notes was chosen because it is essentially a summary of the book, and it shows how the course of events led to one another. It shows the dangerous, and probably predictable, cause and effect. On some other pages, I mention how in the book they are speaking about the possibilities of what they were making. This meant that they knew what they were creating, and continued with this ignorance anyway.

The third page of notes was chosen because it circles around what I believe to be the main theme. “WW2 was a time of competition over mass destruction, not world peace.” I did my best to give evidence supporting this theme, and I think that this is my best page of notes. Over the course of the book, the people in it realize more and more what they are truly doing, but the realization of how much power they truly have doesn’t hit in time.

In enviormental heroes i made this bag. I found this bag in a bin of plastics and then i sewed on the handles.

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