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when I made is video im am most proud of I finished this project in 10 minutes .

They didn’t want british tea they wanted LIBER-TEA

A boat that should not be called a boat is sailing on the pacific had 17 people sailing to their terminus everyone is worried because no one knows whether their new home is good or bad. I am Josh wills. I’m 24. I have a wife and 17 sisters. She got killed by the king’s army, but what can I do? What can we do? The king has great power, and in his eyes, we are just his servants who only want to do revenge, but this is all unknown.

veb dream

The changes after the revolution were that there was the end of the king’s rules, no more tea tax, sugar tax, stamp tax, and now, on the world map, there is a country called America. The colonist, who the king thought was unimportant, is now independent forever. Some things stayed the same. The native Americans were still maltreated by the British and the colonists. Certain shops stayed the same.

Human Humanist

AM I A Humanis by jason


Im am 72% humanist  . For the  first one. medicine, I dont half agree because it is very gory .The second one I agree with  buildings and architects because buildings can protect the general public’s  safety. I definitely  agree with Mind Questions first it is easy to think and it is better to think than to believe a random story  .

The Precious Purse


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I wrote a found poem from the short story “Thank you Mam” by Langston Hughes. For external  conflict , It is character vs character. It shows the external conflict between the boy and the woman. So the protagonist is the boy and the antagonist is the woman. The conflict in my poem was that the boy wanted to steal the woman‘s purse bag. But the woman was too big and tall and the boy was so skinny. In the rising action the conflict is seen when the boy wanted to steal the woman’s purse. (page 1). The conflict was resolved when the woman took the boy home and told him not to steal. I picked the Old Town picture in the night because in the story it was midnight time and it was really old-fashioned.



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