Ms. Pulsen: maybe a little bit softer, but the smell is very great.


Ms. Michelie: The smell is pretty good, too dry.


Judy: it smells like mint, but very dry.


ICT Teacher: Smell is good, too dry


Mr. Dieudonne: The smell is strong, but it is good, needs to be smoother.


Ms. Li: Smooth, not too dry.


Mr. Carter: Like the smell, too hard, the smell is not too strong.


Ms. Rebecca: it is so hard, smells like mint, need less shea butter


Ms. May: like a dry glue stick, smell is good

i have to make it softer and add more coconut oil and shea butter

after 1.1beeswax

0.6g sweet almond oil

2.coconut oil

0.1 honey

0.7of shea butter


before   1.3beeswax

0.4g sweet almond oil

2.2coconut oil

0.1 honey

0.5of shea butter

same prociger