"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious" - Albert Einstein

Cardboard Arcade

This is my cardboard arcade, and the game is called football invaders, and that the purpose of this game is to send a marble to the top of the hole, by spinning two buttons.

My biggest sucess is that the game we made was popular and fun, and even though there were problems about the measurement, me and my partner found ways and overcame it by going with the flow.

A skill i learned is to how to cut a perfect circle with a exact-o and that i lead me to great sucess while creating the game.

One peice of advice i will like to give to a student who is doing this project is to plan every single peice of cardboard carefully.


G 6,  Science, Design, Engineering

A The problem I was trying to solve is that we the heat of the liquid in the cup is cooling down rapidly.

B We first brainstormed about what keeps humans warm, and drew the design,  and finally built it.

C It worked well sonce that it only dropped 88.5-73.2, which is 10.3 c.

D The hardest thing is that the hot glue melting during testing.

I learned that tinfoil can keep warmth.






This is the amazing name story of me!

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